Diwali Gift Ideas That Help The Loved Ones To Decorate Their Homes

‘Diwali’ is the festival that brings all the families, relatives, friends and neighbors together with the mood for celebration; as this is the festive occasion when the Lord is worshiped praying for prosperity, and enjoying delicacies, crackers, fireworks, new clothing and the warmth of relationships as well. We can make this festive occasion much more memorable sending fabulous gifts to the loved ones to their doorsteps through the online gifts shopping portals. The online gift stores would be flooded with the most appropriate gift ideas for this occasion; and thus, help us to strengthen the ties with our loved ones.

Here are some gift ideas online, especially offered for Diwali:

Bird Lamp:
This home décor gift idea is among the Diwali gifts that are quite modern in looks with a traditional touch. The lamp can be a beautiful gift for Diwali as it is the festival of lights, and the lamp can be used to decorate the interiors of homes. This lamp is made out of a plain glass bottle painted with the colorful images of birds with the arrangement of the overhead ‘shelter’ to make it like a night lamp in the bedroom.

Lord Ganesh Design Coasters:
Coasters are used to keep the coffee and tea mugs to avoid the stains on the desk. This set of coasters is artistically engraved with the facial image of Lord Ganesh who is the God of knowledge and worshiped at the beginning of almost every religious occasion. Thus, the religious significance added to the home décor article makes this coaster set the perfect Diwali gift idea.

Hand Painted Necklace Marble Wall Painting:
This beautiful wall painting is artistically crafted in the shape of the necklace made with marble and the colorful additions showing the gems and stones on it. This wall painting reflects the art and prosperity and thus would be loved by the receiving families on the special occasion of Diwali. This painting not only adds beauty to the home décor but also reflects the prayers to the Lord to bring enormous wealth and great fortune for the loved ones.

Foot Print Design Silver Mirror:
The silver mirror in the shape of the footprints can be hung on the wall for beautiful looks. The concept behind this image of feels quite spiritual. These silver images of the feet are believed to be the feet of Goddess Lakshmi, who blesses the people with prosperity and wealth. So, by gifting this beautiful home décor article we can wish for the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi on the subsequent family.

Ethnic Design Wall Mount:
This wall mount is made of decorated wood in the shape of a shelf, added with different shapes of ceramic pots with artistic designs on them. This wall mount adds glory and glamour to the living room. The beloved family members and the other loved ones would admire this gift, as it helps them to decorate their homes for the festive occasion of Diwali.

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