First Anniversary: Ten Ideas of Love

The first year together is a special party to celebrate. And 'the first goal, the first step of what we hope is only one of the steps that the future will see you accomplish together. Whether you are engaged or a married couple, take a break just for yourself and organize something unforgettable.

In the first twelve months of love we have learned to know the partner, but there is still a lot to discover and so many beautiful emotions around the corner. To celebrate this romantic achievement worthily, think of something that makes your loved one truly feel important, a gift or a surprise that speaks of your love and the passion that unites you.

No need to spend a fortune to celebrate the anniversary, fantasy, romance and a pinch of madness are enough: you can choose between a love escape away from everything and a romantic dinner, between a day in a spa and a personalized and unique gift that your love will appreciate for sure. Here are the ten tips for a perfect first anniversary:

Bunch of surprise flowers delivery same day. Even the most icy woman, the least romantic in the world will appreciate flowers and floral arrangements. You could have them delivered to your workplace red roses or wild flowers or a gift made by your trusted florist: the surprise will amaze not only you but also all the colleagues, who will die have envy! Do not forget a love note to complete this refined and romantic tribute.

Love poems. Very romantic is also the idea of dedicating a love poem to the loved one to remind you of the first, intense moments of passion and why you have chosen her or him as your partner. Literature is full of love poems, perhaps he or she will also have a favorite author. If you are in doubt, choose a great classic like Pablo Neruda.

Escape for two. If you have a small budget available, you could organize a short trip just for the two of you. The goals? A city of art, a chalet in the mountains or a hotel by the sea, for example. A couple of days just for you two will give new strength and romance to your love. But be careful: if you want it to be a surprise, organize the departure to the smallest details to avoid unforeseen events.

At dinner outside: a classic, but no less romantic. It will be enough to surprise her or him with an exclusive or simply unpublished location. The proposals are not lacking: the restaurant on the sea, a table for two on board a tram or a boat or the gourmet restaurant with unsurpassed desserts. The important thing is to choose an unusual place that is also intimate, not too crowded. Remember the flowers, then: when you leave or when you return a small floral gift will close the evening in a special way. Unless there are other pleasant surprises!

At the place of the first meeting. Where did you exchange the first kiss? Where have you declared yourself? Each couple has its own place, the one where the love story has officially begun. The idea of bringing him or her right on the spot where your first memories were born together will seem a delicate and even a little crazy gesture: do not be afraid to show your feelings and that romantic side that you tend to leave aside.

At the stadium. If the fan is he and you usually snort in front of the TV waiting for the game to end, you may surprise him by taking him to the stadium or to the training camp of his favorite team. Maybe it will not seem to you, but he will find it a very romantic idea, much more than you can imagine
Two tickets for a concert. The group or favorite singer or entry to a musical talent to assist as an audience. If you share a passion for music, two tickets to listen to a musical show are always a good idea. Of this experience together they can only be good memories, fun and romantic.

Canetti at home: do not think that it is not a sufficiently romantic idea! Cooking for him or her is a beautiful test of love. Organize all the details, from the dishes to the decorations on the table and do not forget the flowers, those that speak of love. Of course, the dinner at home is the perfect prelude for an equally perfect after dinner!

TV Marathon. If the partner loves TV series, an unusual idea but perfectly suitable could be to give your loved one a subscription to a streaming service provider to enjoy and enjoy in peace a TV marathon and not miss even a single episode of your favorite series.

The souvenir book: it can be made by you or packaged by the photographer and is a very sweet, very delicate idea. A book of memories with your most beautiful photos and phrases of love, poems and memories of your first year together. Leave a blank space for the words and moments of love that will come: these will be the new pages you will write together.