What Does Positive HCG Beta Levels Mean in the First Place?

You are going to pee on a stick and it confirms that you are pregnant. In case if you have had a history of miscarriages or undergoing IVF then you will be under the guidance of a doctor. If the first few weeks you will be subjected to the HCG beta test. A positive Beta HCG test or a negative one does have its own share of consequences. But this does work out to be the same practice which a pregnancy test follows. But remember that pregnancy test is a qualitative test and will just inform you whether you happen to be pregnant or not. But with positive HCG beta levels, it is easy to figure out the actual levels of the hormone in your blood.

It has been seen that the levels of this hormone do vary between women at any given point of time.  Though the doctor would be looking for a desired level during the first testing. But with second testing it would provide more information whether your pregnancy is viable or not. In healthy pregnancies, the beta HCG levels keep on doubling in every couple of days. In case of healthy pregnancies, it can touch up to a count of 1200 miu/ml. 

If these levels are doubling in the first few weeks of pregnancy it could be an indicator of several things. The first possibility is that the pregnancy could be an ectopic one. It means outside of the uterus and the fallopian tube. The main feature of this type of pregnancy would be the slow to high rise HCG beta though it is not the case with all cases. There is a possibility that the gestational sac goes on to develop but not the embryo. Here the embryo with chromosome abnormalities is not possible to develop. There could be a possibility that you fall into a category of 15 % of pregnant women who might be a little slow to take off. Hopefully, it appears to be the latter case.

On considering the other side of the coin if the HCG beta levels are high you could be having a molar pregnancy. This is basically an error that occurs during the phase of fertilization of the egg which occurs due to the sperm. It paves way for the growth of an abnormal tissue which replicates a cluster of grape-like cells. This type of pregnancy would be expelled or you can remove it by the process of suction. Luckily such pregnancies are on the rarer side. One of the most common reasons for this type of pregnancy might also lead to a twin pregnancy. Though it can be stated that the levels are not going to be that high when it is the case of a molar pregnancy. If the baby is a girl the HCG Beta levels are expected to be on the higher side.

It would be prudent on your part to assess the HCG beta numbers. Though it is a lot easier said than done.