History and Modern Usage of Ropes

Do you know that the ancient Egyptians were the first civilizations to invent special tools to make ropes? They used to use water reed fibers to make the ropes. Nowadays, however, there are hundreds of raw materials available to make ropes and also different types of ropes available with different features for different utilities. The combination rope is one of the most highly used ropes around the world especially used for heavy duty works.

Ropes have got numerous utilities in our daily life. Be it for household use or for industrial or even for recreational activities. With the availability of the different types of ropes makes it easier to select from the types of ropes as per the purpose. Here are a few common examples of rope usages: - 

Lifting weights: - It is specially done in industries. Special ropes are used to lift or move heavyweight materials with the help of cranes or other equipment. The double braided ropes are the most common to use for this task as they have got higher durability and are abrasion resistant.

Rigging: - Boats and yacht’s need a specialized rope for the purpose of rigging. A boat needs to stay in the water and under the sun for a very long time. Thus, for rigging, the polyester braided rope is the most common to use.

Polyester has got many different features which makes it most suitable for the purpose of rigging. They are: - 
  • Heat resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Doesn’t lose strength even if gets wet
  • Highly durable and strong

Rock Climbing: - The rock climbing ropes are made up of materials with a higher stretchable feature. Polyester can’t be used for this type of ropes as it lacks the feature of stretchiness. Rock climbing is one of the most preferred modern games and ropes are used for safety purposes.

Rescuing Jobs: - The ropes used for rescuing purposes don’t have that much of stretch like the climbing ropes. They are specially made to provide the required comfort and safety for the purpose of rescuing.

These are some of the few examples of the use of ropes. There are plenty of more important usages of ropes. Different ropes have got a different type of advantages and disadvantages and thus are preferred for specific utilities.

The double braided rope is one most popular kind of rope in the world for having higher strength and durability. It is mostly used for industrial and rigging jobs and the polyester is the most preferred material for its manufacturing.