Modern Innovations IN ISLAMIC WALL DECOR

Are you looking for Islamic art wall hangings online? In that case, we would suggest to specifically look for modern Islamic wall art for sale. As the name implies, modern Islamic wall art involves the use of modern printing and editing technologies as well as the application of new materials in Islamic wall art.

For your convenience, we have explained a few of the popular trends in modern Islamic wall art.

1) Wall decals 

If you Google Islamic wall art, whether or not you prefix it with modern, the topmost results are generally Islamic wall decals. Indeed, wall decals, also known as wall stickers, are the most popular and visible variety of Islamic wall art at least in online markets such as Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba and Etsy.

So, what are wall decals? These are basically stickers that you can pasted directly on your wall. Made of vinyl, the decals are sticky on one side – the side that should pasted on to the surface of the wall. The exposed side of the decal is Islamic wall art – a verse from the Quran, or a narration from the Hadith, or any Islamic principle displayed in beautiful Arabic calligraphy. The advantage with decals is that they can be easily pasted or removed from the wall without damaging it by way of drilling a hole into it, as we do with frames. 

Decals are popular because they are more economical than other options, besides it’s a relatively new concept where the focus is entirely on the calligraphy in the absence of any colours – the bare wall forming the background. 

Vinyl stickers are self-adhesive as well as water-resistant. Care must be taken to wipe the surface of the wall before sticking the decal, lest dirt or oil or any other substance on the wall sticks to it. 

2) Coloured digital prints

If you like colours and frames, then maybe you would prefer digital coloured prints over wall decals. Indeed, Islamic calligraphy paintings are a beautiful option too, but they can be quite expensive too. Therefore, one can get a high-quality print of the painting. Or, as is the case these days, one can buy a digitally coloured print of handwritten calligraphy. Traditionally, calligraphers write the text in black ink. This can be digitally coloured, backgrounds and motifs can be added, etc, in order to add value to the artwork. The print material can be canvas, matte or glossy and even leather in a few cases. With the aid of computer programmes, one can add to handwritten calligraphy decorative motifs, geometric patterns, stars, crescents and borders – all of which are related with Muslim art and architecture. 

A canvas print, like a painting, has to be stretched over a wooden mount and needsno glass cover – unlike a print on paper.

3) Stainless Steel frames

One of the latest innovations in modern Islamic wall art for saleis stainless steel frames. With the help of machines, stainless steel is resized and reshaped to fit the text. What results is an elegant work of Islamic art. You would find many such metallic frames if you search for Islamic wall hanging online.