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Social media is definitely one of the best things happened in our life. But it can’t be more important than a peaceful sleep at night. With all kind of advantages, social media also comes with a lot of cons.
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If you are in the business sector, then you must know that currency fluctuation happens without any advanced notification. It could so happen that the currency rates might go up or down. As currency rates fluctuate, it is important that you make some necessary decision to get the best currency exchange rates.

Be Thorough With Your Research: Good currency exchange rates sites are always updated keeping in mind the new currency values of every country. If you are going travelling, then you could see when you would get the highest rate for your amount. You could accordingly take out money. For this, you should visit and research every online site available that is respectable and has good ratings. 

Look Out For The Total Cost: When you are going for online currency exchange programs, you have to pay a certain amount. The amount you would get in exchange for your own currency to the one you want, add credit card bills, delivery charges, and such extra costs. Some companies would ask you to give a commission for exchanging the money, while some would ask you to pay delivery charges. 

If you are paying by credit cards to avail the benefits of currency exchange, your card company might ask you to pay some fine while some currency converter site would ask you to give delivery charges. However, if you go there and pick it up for yourself you would be able to avoid it. 

You Could Easily Lock Your Rate: The moment you save some kind of money and put it into currency converter, it would remain as it is. It means that if you have given the money at a certain time when the currency rate was at its highest but later on it had fluctuated and gone down. However, you do not have to worry about it because then you would get the value of money under which you have applied or saved. Thus, this currency converter is very simple to use and handle.

You Could Get Back Your Leftover Currency: When you apply for currency exchange rates, you know you would get the amount which is equivalent to the amount where you are going or buying. Suppose, you are going for a tour and you save some money. You use the amount required to complete your whole tour yet some money is still left. 

You could easily get back the amount in your own currency without any hassle. This way you would not lose out the value of your currency and you would only spend the money you have too. You could also do everything online which is very reliable, easy and simple to use.     

Currency exchange rates change at any time. You have to be prepared for any kind of fluctuation. Businessmen usually take the help of currency converter to get an idea as to how to buy things and sell them at a higher rate to earn a bigger profit. helps you make a profit by giving you the exact amount that is equivalent to the amount you have applied for in exchange for the other currency. It is quick, efficient and very effortless to use.  

Golf course management is among those aspects which are neglected by the golfers. Most of the golfer concentrate on the hitting on the ball, but they forget that the purposes of the game of golf are to attain the lowest possible score ultimately, not to show the perfect shots on every stroke. In other words, you can say that depending upon on the course & the hole you are about to play, it is sometimes wiser to play for a bogey than looking to go for a one in a thousand shot. The ability of the golfer to play the right ball at the right time makes them successful golfer.

Importance of playing position golf 

Playing position golf help you to land your golf ball in the best position for the next shot rather than trying to acquire a technical prowess on your current chance. Irrespective to the level of the golfer, a golfer will always get benefits from playing position golf rather than trying show off their the best golf knowledge & skills on each shot. Hence the ability to wisely determine the course, the situation, and the shooting are crucially essential to make the correct decision & help you to reduce your score. 
There is a large number of golf course management company which correctly teach you course management which helps you to handle dangerous lies & situations on the course, cope with the poor weather conditions, determine risks and rewards, curve the ball & manage trajectory when you need to. The course management will help you to position the ball in a spot to make the next shot easier. 

Some strategies to lower your score by playing position golf

Think About the length of the golf hole
If your policies are to teeing off to achieve the furthest than it is not a good idea. If you wish to play the favorable club than you need to calculate upfront where you would like the back to land. 

Target at an uphill putt rather than a downhill putt
It is stated that the uphill putts are much more comfortable than the downhill putts because the golfers instinctively tend to decelerate through the ball, fearing it will otherwise finish well past the hole. Hence leaving yourself an uphill putt can be a safer choice. 
Many golfers state that course management is one of the critical things which can increase golf capabilities.

PCOS or what called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is turning to be to a nightmare of the women of reproductive age. This is one of the common endocrine system disorders that can even affect the big dreams of women of becoming a mother. Since most of the women with this disorder have small cysts on their ovaries, it is called polycystic ovarian syndrome. Even though these cysts are not harmful, it can result in hormone imbalances triggering from one to another. The end results will be a vicious cycle.  Unhealthy lifestyle is said to be one of the most important reasons to increase the number of this incident. 

Better treatment with Ayurveda 
PCOS results in several problems including infertility, menstrual irregularity, sub-fertility, dark pigmentation, unwanted hair in the face, persistent acne, hair loss etc. It can also lead to high level of testosterone and insulin resistance that makes the condition so terrible to deal with for women. When some or most of the women take several tablets, and capsules wise women depend on pcos treatment in Ayurveda to get better results for a lifetime without using any chemical made medicines. Ayurvedic treatment focuses on balancing the doshas (causes and not symptoms) and boosts up metabolism.

Detoxification of the whole body
Ayurveda considers the body as a whole and not by parts. Any of the diseases or disorders affects most parts of the body with the side effects and hence the treatment is made to the exact cause and not to the symptoms. Ayurvedic treatment for PCOS focuses on detoxification of the whole body by giving extra focus to the disease within. The ayurvedic treatment methods and medicines strengthen and revitalize the female reproductive system to bring back the regular and normal menstrual cycle. The hormones will be balanced to prevent the occurrence of any of the condition that can promote the diseases the disorders related to hormones.

Be free from external medicines 
Ayurvedic treatment completely depends on natural remedies and makes women with PCOS free from using any of the external medicines with side effects and irritations. Natural treatment with ayurvedic medicines reduces the male hormones, improves endocrine functions, and optimizes ovarian functions which all are responsible for PCOS. Overall health and effective immunity system are so important for women to fight against any of the health disorders. Ayurvedic treatment methods that date back to thousands of years certainly bring back the smile on the women with the most effective treatment for PCOS.

Consult doctor and book medicines 
Good numbers of women with PCOS hate to discuss the details of disorder with others. They will certainly look for undercover diagnosis and treatment. Now there are reputed online ayurvedic treatment portals to help the women with this. These portals help to book consultation with the doctor online. Appointments can be booked at convenient timing to have a sound discussion with the doctor. Medicines can be booked through the portal to avoid visiting any the medical stores and to disclose the prescription. The medicine will be delivered at the doorsteps. Now get the best in pcos natural treatment to be free from serious disorder secretly.

There are so many clothing items that are worn by Muslim people from the time of Mughal Empire. Some of the clothing items are mentioned below as follows:

1. Kaftans: This is the oldest form of dress that is used by both men and women to keep their bodies warm in winters. These are the oldest form of Muslim dress that is worn by people from the time of Mughal Empire.
      1. Kaftans are a long robe-like dress that covers the people from top to the bottom. These kaftans are usually worn in winters by the people because they are made from animals’ skin, wool, silk etc.
      2. Kaftans are heavy in weight but are most warm clothing items used by Muslim people. People can buy Dubai style abaya and kaftans from modest forever.

2. Hijabs: Hijabs are again the oldest form of dress that is used by Muslim women’s to cover their heads in front or in presence of any male member near them.
      1. Hijabs are usually square and rectangular in shape. Hijabs are folded around the neck and lie on the chest. There are numerous kinds of hijabs used by women of different types of countries.
      2. These hijabs are used by women for their own privacy also.

3. Burqa: This is again the oldest form of dress used by Muslim women. These are the type of dresses that are used by the women to cover themselves up from the top to the bottom only the hands and feet are not covered by Burqa.
      1. A burqa is the dresses usually worn by the women of Dubai. The burqa is attached with a Niqab that helps women to cover their faces also.
      2. The face veil attached with burqa has a cut-out for eyes through which women’s can see.

4. Abayas: Abayas are the long maxi type dresses used by women to cover themselves properly from top to the bottom. These dresses are worn by women while going in public areas.
      1. These dresses are usually black and grey in color. These dresses are embroidered from the sleeves and neck.
      2. Abayas do not cover the head, hands, and feet of the women. Women’s can wear a Hijab or Niqab with this dress to cover their heads. People can easily shop for Dubai style abaya online.

5. Thobe: Thobe is the long tailor fitted shirt type dresses used by men. These type of dresses are worn by men’s with a pair of pants and Pajamas.
      1. Thobe is usually worn by the Sheiks of Dubai. These dresses are known by different types of names in different parts of the world.
      2. Thobes are usually white in color. People can easily shop for modest clothing items online.

These above mentioned are the different types of clothing items used by the men and women of Muslim culture from the times of Mughal Empire.