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There are different in which you can have fun at the wedding and especially when you are getting your pictures clicked. Photo booths at weddings are perfect for taking amazing pictures and capturing the most memorable event of your life. The best part about the photo booths is that no guest can say no to it as it is so much fun to click pictures in front of the photo booth. You can choose various kinds of backdrops for photo booths that can make the pictures pretty and fun too. 

Use Faux Framed or Floral Backdrop

You can create a faux framed or a floral wall as a backdrop. 
  • You can choose to give it a modern touch. You can also use a theme to present this backdrop so that it looks pretty. 
  • Make sure that these walls are brightly coloured so that the pictures look lively. Using dull colours for a background can give a dim or dull effect on the pictures. 
  • You can also use mirrors on the walls so that your guests can give a striking pose in front of them for a perfect wedding picture. 
  • Make use of the gardens or open areas where you can create floral backdrops that are simple and elegant. 
  • You can also use giant paper flowers on the wall with a small design at one side of the wall to make it look attractive and fun. 

Make Use of Themes for Your Wedding Photo Booths

If you want to have little fun or let your guests have some fun while getting their pictures clicked, then make use of different themes. 
  • Choose the theme of your prop according to your theme of the wedding. 
  • You can go for social media theme if you are an ardent fan of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. 
  • You can also choose a storybook theme for your photo booths to make it unique and different. 
  • If your wedding is in an open area, then add some picnic fun to your wedding pictures by choosing a picnic theme for your wedding pictures. 
  • You can also have kissing booths with some cool props. 

Use Props While Getting Pictures Clicked in your Wedding

Props are fun to use. So, make full use of them. 
  • Make use of colorful umbrellas or items as props for your pictures. They will give your wedding photos of vibrant colours. 
  • You can also use cool hats or caps or any other accessory to make these photos look fun and cool.
  • You can also get personalized props like frames, hearts, etc. as part of your wedding photography. 

Whatever the theme of your wedding, photo booths at weddings make a perfect option to add some element of fun; they will keep your guests excited and will not feel bored. If your photo booth is different and unique, then your wedding will surely be the talk of the town. So, to get those perfect wedding pictures to get your wedding planner to get you the best photo booth at your wedding. 

There are many things that you have to decide. Different people or families will have different opinions, preferences and priorities. You have to find out what you want and how you want it. You can always ensure that you take up help of experts to ensure that your space remains clean, hygienic and fresh.

Is there any guest coming?

If you think that your space is looking really dull and the environment is really filthy and boring then you have to give a refreshing touch up to your space. You have to clean it all so as to ensure that there comes a fresh air in the space. You can take up assistance of the Basic cleaning services in sohna road. They would make sure that your space stays clean, hygienic and professional. You can always talk to experts and ensure that your space is getting cleaned up in a way that you want it to be.

Now, if your friends have told you that they are coming in the evening but your space is looking really dirty; you can easily take up help of professionals. Just call professional cleaning services and they would clean up your space in no time. Since they are expert, professional and trained they would take no additional time to beautify and clean your house. You can rely on their skills, experience and expertise. Your floor, furniture, walls, corners and the entire environment will come to life.

Come on, if you have always left impressive impression on others then why to take a chance now? You have no clue how your guests explore and examine inches of your space. Everybody talks after they leave your house. It is in your hand to ensure what they would say after stepping out of your space.  It is all about how you make your guests feel. Now, what is the point if the food items you served were delicious, the furniture is comfortable but the overall environment is little dirty? That would be really uncool and unimpressive right? You would not wish them to draw a negative or shallow opinion about your lifestyle right?

It’s not just about guests!

Yes, you heard it right. It is not just about guests. You cannot always clean up your house only when guests are expected. You should make sure that your house is always inviting. What is the point if your colleagues give you a surprise visit and they get shocked to find those dirty webs in the corners, piled up dust on the drawers and filthy floor? Ah, all this is going to be really discomforting and disappointing.  You cannot always take a chance with your space. Even the regular visitors at your space notice these things. You have to decide what you want others to notice and talk about. 


So, it is a sensible move to go for basic cleaning services sohna road and allow them to clean up your space with expertise and excellence. When they can get you what you want; why to hesitate!

Are you looking for Islamic art wall hangings online? In that case, we would suggest to specifically look for modern Islamic wall art for sale. As the name implies, modern Islamic wall art involves the use of modern printing and editing technologies as well as the application of new materials in Islamic wall art.

For your convenience, we have explained a few of the popular trends in modern Islamic wall art.

1) Wall decals 

If you Google Islamic wall art, whether or not you prefix it with modern, the topmost results are generally Islamic wall decals. Indeed, wall decals, also known as wall stickers, are the most popular and visible variety of Islamic wall art at least in online markets such as Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba and Etsy.

So, what are wall decals? These are basically stickers that you can pasted directly on your wall. Made of vinyl, the decals are sticky on one side – the side that should pasted on to the surface of the wall. The exposed side of the decal is Islamic wall art – a verse from the Quran, or a narration from the Hadith, or any Islamic principle displayed in beautiful Arabic calligraphy. The advantage with decals is that they can be easily pasted or removed from the wall without damaging it by way of drilling a hole into it, as we do with frames. 

Decals are popular because they are more economical than other options, besides it’s a relatively new concept where the focus is entirely on the calligraphy in the absence of any colours – the bare wall forming the background. 

Vinyl stickers are self-adhesive as well as water-resistant. Care must be taken to wipe the surface of the wall before sticking the decal, lest dirt or oil or any other substance on the wall sticks to it. 

2) Coloured digital prints

If you like colours and frames, then maybe you would prefer digital coloured prints over wall decals. Indeed, Islamic calligraphy paintings are a beautiful option too, but they can be quite expensive too. Therefore, one can get a high-quality print of the painting. Or, as is the case these days, one can buy a digitally coloured print of handwritten calligraphy. Traditionally, calligraphers write the text in black ink. This can be digitally coloured, backgrounds and motifs can be added, etc, in order to add value to the artwork. The print material can be canvas, matte or glossy and even leather in a few cases. With the aid of computer programmes, one can add to handwritten calligraphy decorative motifs, geometric patterns, stars, crescents and borders – all of which are related with Muslim art and architecture. 

A canvas print, like a painting, has to be stretched over a wooden mount and needsno glass cover – unlike a print on paper.

3) Stainless Steel frames

One of the latest innovations in modern Islamic wall art for saleis stainless steel frames. With the help of machines, stainless steel is resized and reshaped to fit the text. What results is an elegant work of Islamic art. You would find many such metallic frames if you search for Islamic wall hanging online.

This time don’t let the month of February flee without expressing your love to your lady. If you know a girl and you are fond of her; make sure you propose her this valentine day. Certainly you cannot simply say it loud on her face. You have to make it tactful, beautiful, loving and most importantly romantic.

You can pick Valentine gifts Pakistan and make sure that you express your love to the person, who is even sitting in another area of the world, beautifully. There are plenty of gifts that can be apt for the occasion of valentine day. A few of the valentine gifts are like:

A chocolate basket 

What can be more romantic, steamy and stylish than a chocolate basket? A basket filled with variety of chocolates with different sizes and shapes. Ah, these chocolate baskets are beautiful and really scrumptious. Your beloved is going to be melted the moment she receives your present. You can pick a card or slip and make sure that it goes with the basket of chocolates. Believe it or not the chocolate basket can slate   the beginning of your love life beautifully.

A perfume set 

Perfumes are really popular in this present time of style, chic, charm and beauty. You can make sure that your people stay happy and glad.  You can give your loved ones a perfume set that is really exotic and fashionable.  Perfumes have the fragrance that spread love, life, charm and happiness. You can ensure that perfumes you give are exotic, romantic and loving. Whether the perfume set is of two perfumes or five; it would look so romantic. You can choose a specific brand if you have an idea about her choice. 

A teddy with a bouquet of flowers 

You believe it or not teddies are personal favourite of girls. You can find women crazy about beautiful teddies. You can give your beloved wife a teddy that is stylish, exotic and absolutely hip. A teddy with a bouquet of flowers will look so enchanting and loving. Your beloved is going to be impressed by your effort and move. You can pick a bouquet of flowers that are of her choice. Whether roses, lilies, tulips or any other flowers; you can have those perfect combos of teddies and bouquets to give her as a valentine gift.

A pair of mug 

It might sound random to you but it is the fact. These mugs with romantic messages can be fully charming. The other person is surely going to be enchanted by your gifted mug. The valentine gift will make sure that there are smiles, love, affection and happiness. You can pick valentine gifts Pakistan and make sure that your love is glad to receive it. The text or graphics on the mug would be absolutely captivating. Mugs would get used by her and they will trigger the thought of love and romance in her mind.

Thus whether you want to send valentine gifts Pakistan or in your local area; start planning for a perfect move! 

We are living in a world of technology hence advancement in the technology have transformed the flashlight into a valuable multipurpose tool which possesses several benefits. But before the invention of the robust and high yielding LED the light bulb & high capacity rechargeable batteries, flashlight usually didn't provide enough light source.

These advanced form of the flashlight pro are mostly recommended for each day carry is referred to as tactical flashlight. Due to the flashlight smaller size, rugged waterproof aluminum construction, brightness and a high capacity rechargeable made it different from the other flashlight. The tactical flashlight is also used by the military personals on their hat and weapons to see the object in the better way, so it is also referred to as hard hat light. 

Why Carry Tactical Flashlight
There are several reasons to carry a flashlight each day with you but here in this post your number one guide “THE FLASHLIGHT PRO” deliver you four critical right. Hope this short guide of about why to carry a flashlight will help you. 

To illuminate in the Dark
Flashlight for running in the dark is most important and it helps or provides safety when running in the night. Most of the people use a mobile phone as a flashlight which leads to the rapid discharge of portable batteries. 

It may prevent a Fight
A headlamp should be your primary and crucial self-defence weapon. It is a forced choice if you ever need to protect yourself. The power cut in the night can make most of the people stop & cover their eyes. So if someone approaches you & you shine your light in eyes, maybe they will walk away & not fight.

Improvised Self-Defence Tool
If your flashlight blinding light was not sufficient to stop an attacker to give you enough time to retreat, then the rugged aluminum construction of a headlamp offers it to be used as a striking weapon. Additionally, there are many flashlights which have sharp bevelled edges to further enhance its function as a remarkable tool.

Legal To Carry Everywhere
Unfortunately, several states limit what their citizens are allowed to carry for their self-defence. If you are not able to take a gun or knife & don't like that risk of spraying yourself with the pepper spray, then a quality tactical flashlight is an excellent choice for the self-defence & currently legal in all or each state to carry.

Lucknow is a paradise when it comes to Awadhi food. The city is additionally preferred for its street food like khasta kachori, nihari with kulcha, kulfi falooda as well as great deals extra. Let us have a look at the best street food in Lucknow, as it will help you get a better knowledge of places to visit.

Top Street Food in Lucknow

1. Raheem Hotel, Chowk - As you get in the location, you will certainly witness a group of chefs barbecuing kebabs over charcoal and making sheermal. Raheem Hotel is truly one of the finest areas for kebabs in Lucknow. It is one of the best street food in Lucknow.
2. Chhappan Bhog, Sadar Bazaar - Lucknow is a heaven for those with a pleasant tooth. Chhappan Bhog serves a broad array of beautifully decorated sugary foods readily available in different shapes, prices as well as flavors. 
3. Ratti Lal's, Aminabad - The city begins by having morning meal in the Nawabi style at the very well-known Ratti Lal in Aminabad. The kachori, chole bhature and also poori served right here are similarly pleasing in taste in addition to quality.
4. Sharmaji, Lalbagh - A check out to Lucknow is insufficient without a visit to Sharma Ji's tiny eatery. The Bun-Makkhan at Sharma Ji's delay is to die for. You can also go for their stuffed samosas which goes flawlessly with a warm cup of tea. 
5. Jain Chaat Wala, Lalbagh - Jain Chaat Wala is the utmost sanctuary. Faithful consumers speak highly of their Dahi Bhalla, Papdi as well as Aloo Tikki. It is one of the best street food in Lucknow.
6. Prakash Kulfi, Aminabad - One of the most popular treat areas of all time is Prakash Kulfi that only offers one meal on his food selection, which is Kulfi Falooda. Prakash Kulfi is a distinguished dhaba in Lucknow where individuals come to from miles away, and also count on us, it's worth the travel. 
7. Idris Resort - Idris Resort is positioned in among Lucknow's a lot of historical locations. This tiny eatery serves a scrumptious range of Mughlai tastes improved with neighborhood masalas. The restaurant cum dhaba was established by an expert biryani maker, Mohammad Idris, in 1968. It is now handled by his kids Abu Bakr and Abu Hamza. If mutton biryani is something you have been yearning, after that you needn't look any kind of additionally. It takes around 3 hours to prepare a degh of biryani and also a total amount of 16 to 18 deghs are offered in a day. A copper vessel is made use of to prepare the biryani on a bhatti utilizing paththar ka koyla. This area is similar to a dhaba in regards to top quality, feel and also cost. 

Christmas lights are twinkling homes, you have decorated home in Christmas scheme. But what about gifts? You are still struggling for gifts? Read this article. Here we provide the ultimate gifting guide for those special ones in your life. We have made the hardest thing easy and painless. We have chosen Last minutes Xmas gift delivery giving everything helps to cheer up Christmas to the fullest. 

The Holiday Entertainer Gift Basket 

The holiday entertainer gift basket is a special gift mentioned for the whole family. You have a large group of family members so you can satisfy each one’s desire by sending this gourmet gift basket. This gift basket has everything from sweet delicacies of cookies, truffles, and caramel apple stickiest for sweet addicts. The Swiss cheddar, three pepper crackers and so many spiced snacks are here to entertain the spice lovers. This is an all in one basket full of all the sweet and savory treats to favor the big family member.

Frosty's Winter Wonder Care package 

You want to dedicate Christmas greeting your favorite little kid, choose this Frosty’s winter wonder care package. The sweet snowman’s basket is full of frosty snowman, foil wrapped chocolate marshmallow snowman, fun dough with stickers to play. Snowman pops, fruity bubbles, flavored jelly bellies and tasty holiday cookies everything is set accordingly to tickle the little ones in your life.

Deck the Halls Gourmet Gift Basket 

The signature basket is just here to impress business clients and corporate friends. this golden basket pops Belgium chocolate caramel bar, chocolate classique belgina chocolate truffles, Sorrenoto caramel mocha hot cocoa mix, Frosletti chocolate chip cookies. It is also spiced with J & M holiday spice cookies, Stewart Peppermint Candy, Red holiday Drizzle, White chocolate Bavarian pretzel and the gold tin embossed with holy. The sweet indulgence basket is a perfect gift for those who expects something extraordinary gift for extra special persons.

Large Red Poinsanettia Plant 

Poinsettias are forced to grow during this Christmas time. You will see market is full of so many poinsettias on the road to buy. Poinsettia is very popular Christmas plant. It is said that this divine plant invites all the good in life. So you can choose this plant to send good luck to your friend and family. The large red poinsettia plant looks more attractive and they are best source for indoor home décor. SO it would be the best reminder of love and care to be cared for the years to come. 

Christmas Love Balloons 

Whatever the occasion whatever is the festival balloons are the special attractions. Balloons online shop provides the wide range of balloons gift personalized with Christmas greeting. Look to this set of 12 mylar balloons displaying Merry Christmas wishes in a great way. It would be the best gift for the loveliest one in your life.

Holiday Stocking Stuffer Gift Set 

Holiday stocking stuffer gift set is a complete gift pack to celebrate the Christmas to the fullest. it includes everything which you wish to send them on this special eve. Delicious sweet treats with orange spice, cranberry, gingerbread and delightful indulgence with star ornaments inside. The alluring container will never fail to impress the love one you wish to impress from long time.

Yuletide Treasures Wine Duo Gift Basket 

This Yuletide wine duo gift basket is treasured with premium Italian wine bottles, truffles, cookies and gourmet chocolates. The sweet chocolate and Tavernello wine pairing set is heavenly gift for those wine and chocolate connoisseurs. This premium basket is a perfect gifting option for big corporate enthusiasts to business clients and for individuals thirsty for wine. 
From Ferraro Roche to Belgian chocolates, dairy milk to kit Kat, we are full assortment of boxes of Christmas chocolates online to deliver all around the world.
Christmas gifts are endless but here we take you the world of heavenly treats arranged in decorative basket. They are the special addition made to spread the joy on recipient’s face. All these are festive packs fully equipped in decent manner to attract recipient. Hope you get the ultimate guide for Christmas gift giving and use it to deliver Christmas greetings.

Birthday cakes are a standout amongst the most imperative things of enthusiasm for any birthday festivity. A birthday party with no delectable birthday cake won't make that occasion finish. Notwithstanding regardless of whether you are a grown-up or a child, you would dependably be glad to have a cake around. Youngsters are in every case brimming with life when they see cakes around and the more interesting your cake is, the more your gathering ends up one of a kind. Now it is very easy to get access to personalized birthday cakes.

The Different Types of Birthday Cakes

Birthday cakes are more often than not of various kinds, contingent upon the fixings utilized. Individuals of various ages likewise have distinctive preferences for them. For example, kids generally like chocolate enhanced cakes. The enhancements and icing are constantly special and striking and numerous moms have dependably been extremely imaginative with the arrangement of birthday cakes for their kids. On account of youngsters, they are more develop and are not prone to go for a birthday cake with animated characters. In this way, they like cakes which are basic in structures or cakes with styles, for example, bicycles, vehicles, high schooled stars, chocolate bar, baseball, cakes, etc.

Cakes are essential in view of the accompanying reasons: 

A birthday party isn't finished without birthday cakes. Sorting out a birthday is a chance to demonstrate love for each other, either to a child or a grown-up. A conventional menu with cake is adequate to influence you to host a perfect birthday gathering. It's not important to spend much before individuals would realize you host had a decent birthday get-together. Birthday cakes make the day finish.
People love chocolate cakes and cakes containing chocolate is a standout amongst the most imperative things for any birthday party. Chocolate likewise symbolizes a lot of things like happiness, love, and bond between darlings. Along these lines, birthday cakes are making individuals express love to each other.
Sometimes the perfect cake can lift the birthday party and make the people a lot more engaging in the party.
Cakes are typically connected with sweetness, particularly among youngsters. Children love sweet things and that is the reason they generally observe a birthday or any extraordinary occasion as an opportunity to appreciate. For your birthday cake, you could pick the chocolate cake. Youngsters and grown-up would love that. You could likewise plan a cake that isn't too sweet if there should be an occurrence of grown-up visitors who are not very keen on sweet things or who are diabetic.
There are lots of options that are available which one can go through to find the perfect cake for the birthday party. Grown-ups like topics like a journal, a champagne container, or things which delineate a most loved games character. In this manner, cakes for grown-ups shouldn't be that energetic. Look into the available online cake delivery to know more about the related orders.

Ketoconazole is a kind of a medicated shampoo which is mainly designed to treat all the fungal infections that are affecting the scalp. One can use them to fight back heavy dandruff problems, psoriasis and other things as well.
There are some best ketoconazole shampoo for treating dandruff are available both over the counter and if it is prescribed by the doctor.
Here are some major uses of this shampoo.
They are mostly used for dandruff treatments and certain brands like Nizoral is available in the medical shops. Dry scalp can lead to some dandruff problems and in some other cases it happens due to a growth of yeast called Malassezia. This particular shampoo can help in treating that dandruff problem by reducing the fungus and inflammation.
Then there are psoriasis problems in which ketoconazole helps a lot. Psoriasis is another kind of skin disease that causes inflammation like skin plaques, skin flaking and redness. Then there is yeast like fungus that also cause skin plaques. So, to reduce psoriasis flares, one can use this.
Ketoconazole shampoos can also treat another condition called tinea versicolour and tinea capitis. The first one is a kind of skin infection which happens due to the overgrowth of a particular kind on yeast on the skin. The later one is a superficial and ringworm like fungus infection which mainly affects the scalp.
Ketoconazole is mostly used in order to fight hair loss as well because it has anti fungal properties which are perfect to treat infections and other skin conditions. This is also used to prevent excessive hair loss that happens due to these fungal infections. In fact, many studies say that people suffering from alopecia have got much improvement after using ketoconazole enriched shampoos.
Different types of this shampoo
Over the counter available shampoos have at least 1 percent of ketoconazole. The most common brand in them is Nizoral. But the doctors can prescribe even better shampoos in this category if needed.

Here are some brands:

  • Ketozal
  • Ket Med
  • Ketozolin
Now the question is, is there any kind of risk or side effects of using these kinds of shampoos? Well the most common side effect faced by all is skin irritation which can lead to pimple bumps. It can also cause excess oiliness or dryness of the hair and the scalp and some discoloration of the hair. If the hair is permed or dyed then it can lose it.
In rare cases, ketoconazole shampoo can result in hair loss, so talk to your doctor right away if you notice this side effect.
There can also be some signs of allergic reactions which are very rare though. But if it happens, it has to be taken very seriously. One needs to seek immediate medical attention for that if they face rash, severe itching and dizziness.
One can also use ketomac shampoo hair fall on a regular interval by mixing it in a mild shampoo. This can give you very effective results in a few days.

The first year together is a special party to celebrate. And 'the first goal, the first step of what we hope is only one of the steps that the future will see you accomplish together. Whether you are engaged or a married couple, take a break just for yourself and organize something unforgettable.

In the first twelve months of love we have learned to know the partner, but there is still a lot to discover and so many beautiful emotions around the corner. To celebrate this romantic achievement worthily, think of something that makes your loved one truly feel important, a gift or a surprise that speaks of your love and the passion that unites you.

No need to spend a fortune to celebrate the anniversary, fantasy, romance and a pinch of madness are enough: you can choose between a love escape away from everything and a romantic dinner, between a day in a spa and a personalized and unique gift that your love will appreciate for sure. Here are the ten tips for a perfect first anniversary:

Bunch of surprise flowers delivery same day. Even the most icy woman, the least romantic in the world will appreciate flowers and floral arrangements. You could have them delivered to your workplace red roses or wild flowers or a gift made by your trusted florist: the surprise will amaze not only you but also all the colleagues, who will die have envy! Do not forget a love note to complete this refined and romantic tribute.

Love poems. Very romantic is also the idea of dedicating a love poem to the loved one to remind you of the first, intense moments of passion and why you have chosen her or him as your partner. Literature is full of love poems, perhaps he or she will also have a favorite author. If you are in doubt, choose a great classic like Pablo Neruda.

Escape for two. If you have a small budget available, you could organize a short trip just for the two of you. The goals? A city of art, a chalet in the mountains or a hotel by the sea, for example. A couple of days just for you two will give new strength and romance to your love. But be careful: if you want it to be a surprise, organize the departure to the smallest details to avoid unforeseen events.

At dinner outside: a classic, but no less romantic. It will be enough to surprise her or him with an exclusive or simply unpublished location. The proposals are not lacking: the restaurant on the sea, a table for two on board a tram or a boat or the gourmet restaurant with unsurpassed desserts. The important thing is to choose an unusual place that is also intimate, not too crowded. Remember the flowers, then: when you leave or when you return a small floral gift will close the evening in a special way. Unless there are other pleasant surprises!

At the place of the first meeting. Where did you exchange the first kiss? Where have you declared yourself? Each couple has its own place, the one where the love story has officially begun. The idea of bringing him or her right on the spot where your first memories were born together will seem a delicate and even a little crazy gesture: do not be afraid to show your feelings and that romantic side that you tend to leave aside.

At the stadium. If the fan is he and you usually snort in front of the TV waiting for the game to end, you may surprise him by taking him to the stadium or to the training camp of his favorite team. Maybe it will not seem to you, but he will find it a very romantic idea, much more than you can imagine
Two tickets for a concert. The group or favorite singer or entry to a musical talent to assist as an audience. If you share a passion for music, two tickets to listen to a musical show are always a good idea. Of this experience together they can only be good memories, fun and romantic.

Canetti at home: do not think that it is not a sufficiently romantic idea! Cooking for him or her is a beautiful test of love. Organize all the details, from the dishes to the decorations on the table and do not forget the flowers, those that speak of love. Of course, the dinner at home is the perfect prelude for an equally perfect after dinner!

TV Marathon. If the partner loves TV series, an unusual idea but perfectly suitable could be to give your loved one a subscription to a streaming service provider to enjoy and enjoy in peace a TV marathon and not miss even a single episode of your favorite series.

The souvenir book: it can be made by you or packaged by the photographer and is a very sweet, very delicate idea. A book of memories with your most beautiful photos and phrases of love, poems and memories of your first year together. Leave a blank space for the words and moments of love that will come: these will be the new pages you will write together.

Lighting equipment plays a vital role in every home. Different types of lights and lamps are used to decorate and illuminate the living room. If you are renovating your apartment or want to add some new table lamps, you should consider the option of buying lamps online in India. In our stores, we now offer table lamps which you cannot find at any place.

While there are several home decoration stores in the world, from which you can make the purchases of lights online, our store is the unique one due to the following factors:

Buy lights at the best prices

Our luxurious home lighting store is a pleasure to visit, and we mostly offer discounts on the prices of handmade table lamps that we sell. We also provide broader concessions to our customers. When you buy lamps on fufuh, you can expect better prices. There's nothing better than concessional rates from us!

Explore unlimited variety

Our store has an extensive product display area. Therefore, there is no limitation on the variety of elements that can be included. When you buy table lamps in India, you get an extensive collection of items to choose from. It may not matter in case you have to purchase original lighting equipment; the option of obtaining vast possibilities makes your shopping experience pleasant. Search our store for the makes of table lamps you want and enjoy buying at the right price that you can afford.

Safe and fast home delivery

Buy something as delicate as handmade table lamps is a matter that involves safe shipment to your home. With our online purchases, you can enjoy this service for free. The table lamps purchased are delivered at the door of your house without charging any additional amount. It is very convenient to place orders from the comfort of your home and have things delivered to the door.

After-sales services

We offer after-sales services such as return and exchange. If a particular piece does not meet your expectations or is defective, you can exchange it for another or return it and recover 100 percent of the money. If you want to be sure of the return and exchange conditions, you should check the related terms on our site before finalizing your order. You also get the high guarantees that are not available in physical stores.

Easy shopping comparison

A smart buyer always compares the prices of the products in several outlets. However, this task is quite difficult with the physical purchase. At Fufuh, you can quickly and easily compare the rates of the table lamps in our store and then select the best one.

Save your precious time

In today's era, there is nothing more precious than time. In most cases, the need to buy lamps online in India saves quite a lot of time. You do not need to spend a whole weekend visiting several stores or having to face the slow traffic jams. Buy table lamps online India from the extreme comfort of your home and the order will arrive in a short time.

Can we ‘measure’ happiness as we measure milk in liters and sugar in kilograms? This may sound ridiculous, however, we are supposed to ‘enhance’ or ‘multiply’ the joy of our loved ones on the special festive occasions like Diwali. The best way to greet the loved ones would be sending them the most exciting gifts most appropriate for the festival of lights. The online gifts shopping portals have brought tremendous varieties of Diwali gift ideas at the fingertips of the buyers.

Some of the beautiful gift ideas for Diwali offered online:

Beautiful Set Of Crystal Floaters & Candle:

Diwali is celebrated as the festival of lights. This set of crystal floaters and the candle Diya can be utilized for dazzling decoration at the exteriors of the homes. The gift idea for lighting decoration can be among the perfect Diwali gifts for the loved ones. The celebration of diwali would be taken to the new heights when the loved ones receive this combination of floral crystal floaters and diya that floats over the water.

Purple Bottle Style Tealight Holder:

The tealights would be the modular forms of decorative lamps that would add glory to the home décor on the occasion of Diwali. This glass bottle based colorful tealight can be hung next to the entrance door for adding a rare sense of beauty to the decoration in the dawn and during the evenings. The loved ones such as friends, relatives and colleagues would love to be gifted with this fabulous Diwali gift.

Wrought Iron Handcrafted Red Tea Light Holder With Tealights:

This handcrafted tealight holder would be a beautiful home décor gift for the occasion of Diwali. This holder is designed to hold six numbers of beautiful red tealights. The artistic design of the holder creates a beautiful appearance when the holder would carry the set of tealights.

Bikanervala Chocolate Laddoo Deepawali Gift:

Chocolates are universally appreciated to add spice to every happy occasion. Bikanervala is the renowned brand of Indian Mithai, that offer the flavor of chocolate with a traditional twist. The chocolates are offered in the form of Laddoo that is a well-known Indian sweet. The greeting card and diyas add relevance to the festival of lights to this gift idea.

Bikanervala Special Patisa – Diwali Special:

Special Patisa from the renowned makers of delicious Indian sweets would add tremendous glory to the Diwali celebrations for sure. The crunchy roasted almonds for garnishing on each cake of Patisa would add a crunchy flavor to this creamy and crispy Indian sweet. The greeting card and diyas would convey the Diwali wishes in a most memorable way.

Our normal hair care routine includes- shampooing, lathering, rinsing, and conditioning which all are the parts that are played with the help of a hair care product. Choosing the hair care product, from the masses available in the market becomes a very dicey problem to make a proper choice. Thus, one should go with a perfect shampoo and a conditioner knowing about its ingredients and its impact on the different types of hair.
Our hair varies from dry, oily, frizzy, dull, etc where every product is not meant for all. There are many shampoos that even contain some amount of cleanser and some amount of conditioner. Thus, the cleanser plays its own role where it helps to clean the dust dirt accumulated in the hair and the conditioner, on the other hand, gives strength to the hair. Whereas, some shampoo are primarily meant for treating dandruff like ketomac shampoo and has its own role for hair care. 
The key purpose that every hair shampoo has is to always wash your hair along with scalp; where the primary components i.e. the substances using a washing impact like- detergent help in the cleaning process. Depending upon the requirement the shampoo must be selected.

How to choose the best shampoo for dandruff- 

Not just any shampoo works well on dandruff. The root cause of dandruff also varies. What type of hair you have? What are the causes of having dandruff? What are the ingredients of the shampoo? All these answers will serve to one question- i.e. which is the best shampoo!!
Selecting the best hair shampoo for dandruff simply revolves around treating the problem effectively while not causing outburst to other problems. Sometimes even over using a shampoo can pressure resulting in dandruff of a different nature and even damage hair. One should be confident that you have identified the source, for yourself, then it is the time to begin treatment.
On the other hand, when selecting a shampoo for treating dandruff that has either of these, i.e. coal tar and salicylic acid- look for other added moisturizers. If they are missing from the shampoo pair it with a good moisture supportive conditioner. Many people having dry hair must take proper care of the moisture as it can be the main cause behind the white flakes. Consider herbal formulas or home remedies like lemon juice, curd etc depending upon hair type that cleanse the scalp and replenish moisture to the hair.
At times it may be seen that a perfect selection is not giving the positive results. In such a case one should go with the doctor’s input as it can be a matter of hit and trial error too. Try to find out the difference that is being noticed on regular basis to keep monitoring the effects of using a shampoo. It is not that everybody reacts with the same pace as we all are different having different problems. Wait for the changes to take place. Don’t just go by any bottle of shampoo claiming to remove dandruff!!!

The bohemian look for a woman is one of the most feminine as well as spectacular styles that still exists as a trend in the modern fashion world. The inspiration for the bohemian style or even the bohemian lifestyle comes from the need for freedom from all the dogmatic stereotypes and the accepted rules of the modern world. This ideology resulted in the formation of a very unique and specific type of style that is popular even today amongst a large number of the population. If you have been longing to look like a bohemian goddess, then you just need to keep a few points in mind.

Elements of Boho style

This is the part where you get introduced with the different aspects of the bohemian style that is quite commonly followed. Though the style involves one dressing in a way that suits the mind of the wearer, yet there are a few points which might help you achieve the look better.

  • They make use of a lot of natural fabrics like chiffon, velvet, linen, suede, fur, silk, cotton, denim, leather, etc.
  • Multi-layered textures are quite popular.
  • Comfort is extremely important. Shoes are also not preferred to have very high heels even if they are in the form of platform or wedges.
  • This style includes the use of a large amount of accessories and jewellery. Bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses, earrings, belts, jewels or pearls, headbands or bands, etc. are worn together in such a manner that they complement each other.
  • The clothing you wear and the accessories you pair it up with mostly should be of neutral and natural tones. Neon shades are a total no-no for this style.
  • The bohemian style is a fan of patterns and prints. Floral prints and checked patterns, ethnic inspired prints, eclectic hints, etc. is what most of the bohemian attires are made of.
  • High-waist designs are very popular. Flare finishes and fringes are both equally favoured. Maxi dresses, maxi skirts, big accessories, lace, knitted details, textured details, etc. make for the Boho Chic look.

Where to wear

After nailing that boho look, you probably must be thinking where it would be most appropriate to wear this ensemble. Well, you would be surprised how versatile this look can be and the number of occasions you can wear it in.


The bohemian look is great for a walk with your family or friends. It gives a very casual vibe and is best suited for this kind of setting. As the style is so comfortable and fun, you can easily wear it to any of the casual outings you plan. The garments you wear in no way limit your movements and also don’t act a factor which would make you tired easily.


If you get familiar with the style in an intimate way you will soon realise that it can also be turned into a very classic look too. This makes it possible for people to wear boho outfits to their workplace even.


As this is also a very casual wear this outfit can be worn while you go shopping too. You can wear that boho outfit for grocery as well as fashion shopping.

The divorce rates today are expanding. The reason could be the absence of correspondence, physical maltreatment, liquor addiction or might be the absence of adoration. Today, individuals get hitched rapidly and get separated significantly more rapidly. Yet, they neglect to picture the negative effects it could have on them as well as others moreover. They overlook that life is the blend of both great and awful occasions and subsequently, they surge in to get separated with the main battle they had with their mate. Divorce marriage matrimony helps you in finding your life partner again as per your requirement though it is not easy to get married again. Here are some drawbacks of divorce:

Terrible Impact On Children

Not simply the couples who have a part up are influenced by the divorce, yet additionally, the kids endure and are influenced with cynicism. An exploration has demonstrated that the offspring of a split-up couple are more inclined to sadness and low-certainty or even brutality than others. Some of the time they wind up reprimanding themselves for the divorce and in the greater part of the cases, they don't have confidence in the presence of a cheerful marriage. 

Divorce hurts 

We as a whole know this in our psyches, yet it takes experiencing divorce to know instinctively exactly how agonizing divorce is. Amid divorce, you will probably feel things, think things, say things, and do things that you could never feel, think, say, or do amid some other a great time. 

Changes Relationships with Friends and Family

You were hitched for a considerable length of time and in this time there would be numerous companions and other individuals associated with both of you or just you. They might observer the agony of the other one and may think about you as the terrible individual. In this way, with a divorce you don't lose only one relationship however more.

Monetary Challenges

After Divorce you may feel like you have now turned poor since when you were hitched you generally got what you needed yet why not presently. With the legitimate method of the divorce discharging your record you could confront different issues moreover. When you are hitched you feel in charge of everything without exception. You would think it is your risk to give the necessities and offices to your family. 


When you were in that awful fix with your accomplice, you craved leaving the following minute. Be that as it may, when you are separated, you will most likely miss them. Furthermore, it is an impeccably typical thing as you have shared a considerable measure of recollections and you have known each other for a considerable length of time. 

The Sanctity of the marriage is wrecked

A marriage is a heavenly association and expected to hold in spite of all chances. On the off chance that you trust in the natural sacredness of marriage as an organization, you should buckle down to keep it together. 

Beginning another relationship starting with no outside help isn't simple.
People are social creatures. The requirement for fraternity is an essential human need. Everybody needs somebody in their life to adore and to be cherished. 

These days perfume bottles are found in almost every household and used by practically every member of the family for the better fragrance regardless of the gender, or the age of the family member. But what do you do with your empty perfume bottles? Most likely bin it into the garbage, but after reading this post, you will not treat them as a waste item.

Yes, here we are sharing some innovative & creative ways about how to reuse the perfume bottle once the fragrance gets empty. Have you ever notice that each perfume bottle contains some unique shape, size, and color which makes them attractive. Hence these can be used in the home decoration in several ways, but it is not the only way to use them. 

Several types of research say that some perfume bottle with unique color such as pink, gold, silver, blue, and yellow are more popular than the others. In term of perfume bottle size, the most popular or required bottle size varies from 3ml to 500ml. Due to its attractive color and various size, the empty perfume bottles can be used in multiple ways, out of all some of them is listed below:

  1. Can be used as decorative pieces:Like it fragrances the perfume bottles are also attractive. Its attractive appearance makes them suitable for use as a decorative piece. You can use them for the table decoration in the living room, and an empty perfume container can be a great candle holder.
  2. May be used as reed diffusers:
    Most of the time air inside your house doesn’t smell good which can be annoying in this an empty fragrance bottle can help you with this. You can use an empty perfume container as a diffuser with fragrance oil which will help you to keep your insider air smell beautiful every day.
  3. Can be used to keep your jewelry pieces:This can be surprising for you, but empty fragrance bottles can be used to keep your pieces of jewelry. Most of the ladies forget their expensive jewels in the bathroom & some other place, and while getting ready for some parties and outing forget where the jewelry is, hence using empty perfume bottles as jewelry box can a good idea.
  4. It can be used as a pill case:If you regularly take medicine but tired of carrying bag or digging through your bag to find your dose, then this innovative idea can help you. There are several benefits of using perfume bottles as your pill case such as easy to carry and you don’t have to worry about losing of your pills or having them scattered inside your bag.
  5. May be used as Toy makeup For Kids:
    Most of the female child is genuinely fascinated by the mother’s makeup tool. Hence instead of buying a new makeup set of toy use perfume empty bottles.

Naturally, there are various other innovative & creative ways to use empty bottles of perfume. Hence think innovative and use them in different ways instead of throwing them like garbage. 

‘Diwali’ is the festival that brings all the families, relatives, friends and neighbors together with the mood for celebration; as this is the festive occasion when the Lord is worshiped praying for prosperity, and enjoying delicacies, crackers, fireworks, new clothing and the warmth of relationships as well. We can make this festive occasion much more memorable sending fabulous gifts to the loved ones to their doorsteps through the online gifts shopping portals. The online gift stores would be flooded with the most appropriate gift ideas for this occasion; and thus, help us to strengthen the ties with our loved ones.

Here are some gift ideas online, especially offered for Diwali:

Bird Lamp:
This home décor gift idea is among the Diwali gifts that are quite modern in looks with a traditional touch. The lamp can be a beautiful gift for Diwali as it is the festival of lights, and the lamp can be used to decorate the interiors of homes. This lamp is made out of a plain glass bottle painted with the colorful images of birds with the arrangement of the overhead ‘shelter’ to make it like a night lamp in the bedroom.

Lord Ganesh Design Coasters:
Coasters are used to keep the coffee and tea mugs to avoid the stains on the desk. This set of coasters is artistically engraved with the facial image of Lord Ganesh who is the God of knowledge and worshiped at the beginning of almost every religious occasion. Thus, the religious significance added to the home décor article makes this coaster set the perfect Diwali gift idea.

Hand Painted Necklace Marble Wall Painting:
This beautiful wall painting is artistically crafted in the shape of the necklace made with marble and the colorful additions showing the gems and stones on it. This wall painting reflects the art and prosperity and thus would be loved by the receiving families on the special occasion of Diwali. This painting not only adds beauty to the home décor but also reflects the prayers to the Lord to bring enormous wealth and great fortune for the loved ones.

Foot Print Design Silver Mirror:
The silver mirror in the shape of the footprints can be hung on the wall for beautiful looks. The concept behind this image of feels quite spiritual. These silver images of the feet are believed to be the feet of Goddess Lakshmi, who blesses the people with prosperity and wealth. So, by gifting this beautiful home décor article we can wish for the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi on the subsequent family.

Ethnic Design Wall Mount:
This wall mount is made of decorated wood in the shape of a shelf, added with different shapes of ceramic pots with artistic designs on them. This wall mount adds glory and glamour to the living room. The beloved family members and the other loved ones would admire this gift, as it helps them to decorate their homes for the festive occasion of Diwali. is the most reliable online gifts shopping portal to get affordable Diwali gift ideas shipped to the doorstep of the desired loved ones. offers a wide range of surprises suitable for various occasions.

Personalised clocks are perfect gifts for any occasion when you want someone to remember you whenever he or she sees time in the clock. Personal touch to any gift makes it unique and adds life to it so why not to amaze your dear and near ones through personalised clocks and makes the occasion memorable for them. So here in this blog, we will be focusing on a few personalised clocks gift ideas which you can think of whenever you want to gift something special to your near and dear ones.

Heart shaped wooden clock- A heart-shaped wooden clock on a stand having one beautiful photo looks amazing when you gift to someone. This clock comes in perfect size and so can be kept on a study table. The photograph is mainly printed on the body of the watch and looks like an ultimate gift for any occasion.

Square shaped black clock- The Square shaped wall clock looks great when hanged in the living room. You can gift this square shaped black clock having a personalised photo on the dial of the clock to your mother on mother’s day. As this clock is light in weight she can hang this clock in her room and can always feel your presence whenever you are away from her. 

Name personalised wall clock- This is a wooden clock which is round in shape and has some beautiful images printed on it. The best part of this wall clock is that it can be personalised with two names. This is one of the best gift items which can be given to couples for their anniversary day.

So you can pick any of these personalised clocks and can gift to your loved ones on any occasion. 

The girlfriends would be one of the top priorities for the youngsters that would desperately wait for every opportunity to impress her. The feel of love would be the rare experience for the young couples. However, this divine bond would keep them united through various ups and downs the life brings.

The boys would look for gifts for girls online on various occasions such as her birthday and Valentine’s Day to make her feel special and to enjoy the smile on her face. The online gift stores would be the best source to get fantastic gift ideas that would be remembered for years. The girls would usually like something cute and meaningful as gifts irrespective of its cost. Thus the boyfriends need to be a bit choosy while gifting something to their beloved girlfriends.

Gift combo of teddy bear, chocolates and flower bouquet:

This gift combination would bring both surprise and delight for the recipient girlfriends. Aspirant boys can buy gifts for girlfriend online that would leave them overwhelmed. The teddy bear in color combination of pink and white or red and white would reflect romance and affection. Similarly, their cutest appearance would make the girlfriend fall in love with the boyfriend ones again. The chocolates are universally accepted gifts on a variety of happy occasions as the rich taste and crunch or creamy feel would be loved by all the people all over. Flower bouquet would add glory to the combination. The soothing aroma and eye-catching appearance of the flower bouquets in a variety of combinations would be loved by the recipient girlfriends as the flowers would bring happiness and freshness on the occasion of the birthday or even Valentine’s Day. Thus The gift combo would be a treasure of fulfilling surprises for the recipient girlfriends.

Coffee mug with customized text and image:

Elegant looking coffee mugs in black color would be the most suited gifts for a variety of occasions. This would be one of the Unique Gifts For Girlfriend. These coffee mugs can be made much suitable for the occasion by adding some text and images on them. The text message such as: ‘I WILL NEVER LET YOU GO, DARLING. I LOVE YOU’ would turn the coffee mug into an interesting and romantic gift. The gift sites would also offer coffee mugs with images of cartoon couples hugging each other. The images would make the recipients remember the best moments spent with their boyfriends during their intimate encounters.

Boyfriends are the closest emotional companions of many young girls that like to share every joy and sorrow along with their boyfriends. In fact, boyfriends try to do almost everything they can to impress their girlfriends and sometimes they make unusual and unpredictable courageous moves just to see a smile on the face of their beloved girlfriends.

Therefore boyfriends truly deserve special romantic gifts on special occasions such as their birthdays and also on valentine’s day. Romantic gifts for boyfriend can be any creative and innovative ideas that would be admired by the boyfriends and would be helpful to retain and enhance the real romance in the relationship of the couple.

Girlfriends can use their creativity to impress the boyfriends and present a memorable gift to their boyfriends.

Bracelets: Boyfriends would love to wear the bracelets gifted by their girlfriends. They would feel that everything that is given by their girlfriend would be ‘lucky’ for them. Rather than gifting a plain bracelet, there can be many ideas to give a desired ‘romantic inclination’ to bracelets.
Bracelets with the heart shape as the central pendant can be a great romantic gift. Apart from that bracelets can have a name of the girl, or both the girl gifting it and the boy wearing it, with heart shape. Bracelets can be made of metal or even rubber. Bracelets made with gold, sterling silver, stainless steel, brass or some other metals can provide a great appearance. These metal bracelets usually carry a chain and the pendant or the engraved name would appear at the center.  Rubber bracelets would be an affordable however durable choice. These bracelets last for years and can also carry a printed or engraved message or even name of the person.

Keychains: Most of the people carry their key chains along as the keychain would have their car keys, home keys or any other important keys that they always remain with them. Girlfriends can creatively customize the key chains to turn them into romantic gifts for their boyfriends. Heart shaped crystal stone, metallic object or any heart shaped design made of plastic or rubber can be a fantastic romantic gift for boyfriends. Similarly, the name of the boyfriend receiving the gift or the girlfriend presenting the gift or even both can be engraved on key chains. Another method would be to weave the spelling of names using plastic cubes carrying alphabets. Thus we can get two names weaved in two separate lines or both the names in the same line.'

There can be some other unique kind of keychains that can be a pleasant surprise for the recipient boyfriends.  Girls can look for keychains with replicas of guitar on them. These would be a romantic treat for the boyfriends as they would feel the music in their relationship every time they would watch the guitar attached to their keys. Thus a small innovative thinking can bring the desired impact when implemented in the correct way. Key chains can be turned to be excellently romantic using creativity.