When Do You Need an Eye Test?

It's very often that people don't realize that there is something wrong with their vision and need glasses. Why should they go and see an eye doctor and how should a person come to know that they have optical problems. A lot of the factor has to do with age and also protective wear for getting rid of blue light, UV and anti-flare radiation. 

It may seem as though you have had your prescription glasses for several years, that your eyesight is still the same. There are many eyewear companies that present a free eye test. You may be able to see just fine through your old glasses, but there could be an issue with your vision that you haven’t been paying attention to. We recommend that you update your prescription every two years, but we have compiled a list of potential symptoms that may indicate it’s time for a new eye test:

Eye Strain- Early Indicator

Fatigued eyes can be another sign that your eyesight has changed. Although gazing at a computer or driving for long periods can be blamed for this on a short-term basis – if your eyes feel constantly tired for more than 1-2 days, then it means that you should probably go and get your eyes tested again. Eye fatigue can also be connected to other symptoms such as squinting and blurred vision.

Headaches - Constant Discomfort

People often associate their headaches with more serious illnesses, even though this is one of the most frequent symptoms for people to get when experiencing eyesight issues. It is caused by your brain over-compensating for the slight change in vision, getting over-tired and causing an aching sensation.

Blurred Vision- Common Issue

Blurred vision can affect one or both of your eyes and can be quite common for people with eye problems. This can also be accompanied by Photophobia which is where your eyes have a sensitivity to light. If you find yourself struggling to focus or read due to blurred vision, it can be due to eyesight issues and you should get your eyes tested.

Itchiness- Refractive effects

Having issues with squinting in the sunlight are common, whereas squinting when reading a computer screen or a leaflet is not. This may, therefore, be a sign that you need to get your prescription renewed. Squinting can cause unnecessary strain on your eyes, so the sooner you get your eyes tested, the better! You would be prescribed the good blue light glasses in order to eliminate the itchiness and squinting. 

Free Eye Test

Specscart provides a convenient solution towards eye test. It doesn't let you bother coming to an ophthalmologist or need to take a day of leave for getting your eyes checked. SpecscartUK  provides eye test at home where you don't have to move an inch of your body but rather a group of highly qualified OPtometrist will make a visit to your home and do your eye test taking about 30 minutes. With the checking, the optician will formulate a complete check of your eye health report and prescribed you with precise eyeglasses.

Corporate Eye Care
Since you spend most of your time at work, making an appointment and visiting an optician will never be executed as either you'll forget about it or feel too tired to visit. Specscart provides another convenient solution for eye care at work that involves a unique solution for an eye test. Specscart team of optometrists will visit your corporate office and conduct eye exams that ensure healthy eye-checkup and vision enhancement.