Get The Spine Treatment Without Surgery From Expert

Spine treatment without surgery is possible by practicing a few tips to avoid the problems of the spine. As we know these days, there are many facing severe problems regarding spinal in order placement of discs. Due to these problems, many are depending on others, and their lives have become similar to hell.

Most of them prefer to get surgeries which are even not guaranteed because of some human bodies cannot tolerate the pain given by the operations.

Besides incompetent knowledge, some people will go for an effortless task, i.e., called surgery which by substituting the discs of the spine. But, there are many ways other than surgery to cure and avoid spine problems in the future. Those can be as follows:

In the improving of physiotherapy equipment and other advanced techniques, you can get spine treatment without surgery.

Follow core exercises instructed by the physician

You should know the nature of the human body before getting into the treatment.
The core muscles support and also stabilize the lower spine. So it will help to strengthen your weak spine discs and get you better results under cover of the therapist.

How it helps
These exercises strengthen core muscles, reduce strain on the back, and improve your condition.


Along with core exercises, electrotherapy works as laser therapy by modalities such as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and Interferential therapy (IFT) that gives immediate pain relief.
The impacted nerve in the back blocks by giving the pain signals to the brain, whereas therapy stimulates through electrical to the nerve and produces the pain relief hormones.

How It Helps
These modalities, therefore, help in reducing the pain felt, which is the priority in the treatment of slipped disc.

Myofascial Release

In the myofascial release, slow and sustained manual pressure applied to your back which helps to stretch and relax strained back muscles.

How It Helps
This hands-on technique helps significantly in reducing your pain.

Endurance Training

Endurance training is started to increase strength and reducing weakness in your back muscles.
The training for slipped disc usually starts with 2-3 sets of 15 reps of back extension exercises a day.

How it helps
Repeated muscle contraction (or exercising) for a prolonged period helps enhance your strength and endurance.

Taping or K-Tape

Taping or K-tape is another effective method to relieve pain wherein a cotton strip with acrylic adhesive is applied to the problem area.

How it helps
Taping offloads stress from the stressed back muscles, which result in immediate pain relief. It also improves blood circulation in the back, which besides promotes the healing process. Taping also gives support to your back and improves healthy posture and normal function.

Postural Analysis and Correction

You must consider getting a postural analysis and correction done. Through a postural analysis and revision, the physiotherapist examines your condition and suggests measures to improve it. That would further support to reduce unwanted stress on your spine. 

There are several spine surgery clinics in India where you can visit for physiotherapy for back pain and neck pain. You can get the best medication for any surgery, and some have simple treatments.