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Everything requires a proper strategy to conquer. Bet it life or games, without a proper strategy you will not be able to survive for a long time. Playing online games is complete fun and relaxing, however, sometimes it may be irritating to lose after playing so well. That is where a proper strategy helps you to not only perform well but also to win in the game.

When Strategy Does Becomes Most Important?
If you are playing online games for just some fun or relaxation, then you may not need to be very much serious about making or applying the strategy. However, whenever you are playing any game which requires the involvement of money, the strategy becomes very important.

No one likes to lose money especially on online games. Thus a proper strategy may help you to win and avoid losing your valuable money. Online casinos are the most played online games around the world and they involve real money for some great actions. Thus, if you are into online casinos or other online games, then having a strategy for the gameplay is very important.

Simple Strategies for Online Games
Online games are not rocket science or a real war. Thus, you don’t have to spend hours or consult specialists to make a proper strategy for the same. You just need simple tips to play the game and increase the chances to win.

Yes, it is true that sometimes even the strategy doesn’t help. But it definitely increases the chances of winning. Here are a few simple strategies for online gaming: - 

First Experience Then Expenses: - It is always suggested to gather the require experience before investing any kind of money on games. Even if it is mandatory to pay for playing any kind of game, then you should go for paying small amounts. With each passing games and loses you will gather the experience and learn quickly.

Do a Bit of Study: - If you are addicted to online games and play those which require monetary transactions, then it is suggested to do a bit of research about the game and try to learn as much as possible. There are very few information or solution which is not available on the internet, so browse properly and try to find out the tips and tricks.

The Malaysia online casino is one of the best online casino games which provide you with the best experience of online gaming and the opportunity to hit the jackpot.

Are you needful of extreme Android apps? Switch to 9apps it offers the finite collections of tools in the different version. So you can have the customized downloading experience. Think about some of the app stores you usually use it will only the particular version which is on the update. Unlike that, you will be able to obtain any version app simply just by clicking at once. You no need to mess with the security features since all apps are bug-free and especially it is sturdy to use on your device. When coming across the update as the user of this massive app distributor you will meet the update at first. Even the update will be followed on the Google play store after 3 days only. 

How flexible to download apps?

As in general users visit Google play store to get applications they want.  But you never know how authentic and safe the app is. There is no detailed explanation of what it is. But here once you open the tool then you will be notified with various numbers of apps right from latest to others. Based on the group such as entertainment, photo and many more it will be distributed thoroughly. 

Once you obtain the rightful sort then it offers the available software’s under the predominant type. Likewise after you spotlight the content as well you don’t need to acquire it doubtfully. Just click on it then it will offer the full and full narrative on the app. So as a user you will come to know some exclusive info beforehand. Plus the provided rating on each app boost you’re confident even better. 

Games you feel very expensive to play it’s all available for free with the latest update. As like apps you can choose games with the provided ratings. In fact, the existing games are HD. various kinds even kids to adult have the best playing experience from the list of games in this platform. When you start to search for games then this tool itself suggest a finite number of games you ought to play for sure. From the games, you are looking for and the one which never ever seen in any sites also present. Throw away the doubts you have on the speed and performance of the games since it will have the superior speed and run to the best. 

9Apps for all devices:
With the decrease in cost over Smartphone’s all starts to consume. But still some using JAVA mobiles for those also this tool facilitates a lot. As mentioned it offers an enormous amount of customizing content like wallpaper, ringtones, and themes for JAVA mobiles. Thus using this tool even its old version mobile it will shine to the core with the featured things of 9apps without any constraints. Compared to another type of app stores you get the superlative app browsing aspects in this software. At the equal time, you can retain the best security features as well.

Today’s world is a world of internet and flow of information never ends whether it is casual or sensitive. Both types of information need security as the hacker can misuse them and harm the users. Norton security software provides security to the users in every possible way. There are four ways in which the customers can contact with the company and these are phone, community, chat, and social support.

Elimination of call center problem

Previously people used to contact call center and they have to wait for a long time for their problem to get resolved. They have to hold the phone for a long time and also need to answer various question to the automatic responding machines.

The users do not have to go through the procedure of irritating music and long queues as the channels help them to resolve their problem within 15 minutes. The support team listens and deals the problem with understanding and patience and ease the customers in this way. The aim of the team is to resolve issues as fast as possible so that the customers can get back to their work.

Spend time while problem is being resolved

The Norton online support UK helps the customer to havemoney, which is spent on a phone call. It also lets the person do other work while the support executive is resolving his problem. That is the reason that many customers love the service of the company. Users can surf the internet, read books, or can do other tasks during the period. The company uses remote assist technology through which the support executive resolves the problem.

Social support

Social media support helps the users to insert positive or negative comment about the services. Users can also mentiontheirproblem, which can be resolved as soon as any employee of the company looks at it.

The query of each customer is treated in a different way and the team supports the customer in every possible way. In order to resolve the problem, the executive discusses it with the customer on the social media. The support check all the social media and community forums in order to seek the problems and resolve them. 

Caring about customers

The support is always ready for discussion and also encourage the customers to help each other. The moderators of the company keeps an eye on the community forum so that if the customers are unable to help, they interfere in the conversation to help them. The executive care about the opinion of the customers but if it is not correct, he corrects them in a polite manner. The executives also inform the software engineers about the opinions of the customers so that they can resolve the issues.

Mission of the support

The mission of the support is to make the customer in every possible way. The team tries to act before any customer complains. As the antivirus technology is developing, the connection with the customer is also developing at a faster pace.

In today’s life, people due to the race of the life, people got too much busy in their work that it’s become too difficult to have a sound relationship with the spouse or even with the kids. The busy life and hectic schedule make it impossible to know what is happening in our loved one's life. Along with that, for some the social media is an additional pain on the head. You can easily learn more hack Facebook at SpyAdvice to know what’s happening with the others life.

SpyAdvice is one of the best and premier applications to get all your doubts cleared and that is also at a very simple way without the other person knowing that you are spying on them.

Why Learn More Hack Facebook at SpyAdvice?

Is your partner spending a lot of time in social media and giving you a sleepless night with doubts? Or is your child chatting late at night with his or her friend late night? Even the worse, do you have doubt that your partner or employee is cheating on you?

If you are looking for a simple solution for all of these kinds of doubts the, SpyAdvice is the best option to know whatever is happening in your partner's life or whom your daughter is dating or is your partner or employee is truly trustable or not.

Social media is definitely one of the best things happened in our life. But it can’t be more important than a peaceful sleep at night. With all kind of advantages, social media also comes with a lot of cons.
How do you feel when you find that your partner is hooked on social media even after you return from your office after a tiring day? Everyone likes to have a peaceful relationship but most of the relationship gets destroyed due to the suspicion among each other.

You can now completely trust your partner by just having a check what’s happening in her social life or what your kids are up to. Are they really studying late night or having a chat with their friends.

Facebook is one of the most prominent social media sites. It has got over billions of daily users across the world. That is why there is a strict security policy and it is quite impossible to breach the same. But you can learn more hack Facebook at SpyAdvice to get past all the hindrances and know what you wish to.

If you are in the business sector, then you must know that currency fluctuation happens without any advanced notification. It could so happen that the currency rates might go up or down. As currency rates fluctuate, it is important that you make some necessary decision to get the best currency exchange rates.

Be Thorough With Your Research: Good currency exchange rates sites are always updated keeping in mind the new currency values of every country. If you are going travelling, then you could see when you would get the highest rate for your amount. You could accordingly take out money. For this, you should visit and research every online site available that is respectable and has good ratings. 

Look Out For The Total Cost: When you are going for online currency exchange programs, you have to pay a certain amount. The amount you would get in exchange for your own currency to the one you want, add credit card bills, delivery charges, and such extra costs. Some companies would ask you to give a commission for exchanging the money, while some would ask you to pay delivery charges. 

If you are paying by credit cards to avail the benefits of currency exchange, your card company might ask you to pay some fine while some currency converter site would ask you to give delivery charges. However, if you go there and pick it up for yourself you would be able to avoid it. 

You Could Easily Lock Your Rate: The moment you save some kind of money and put it into currency converter, it would remain as it is. It means that if you have given the money at a certain time when the currency rate was at its highest but later on it had fluctuated and gone down. However, you do not have to worry about it because then you would get the value of money under which you have applied or saved. Thus, this currency converter is very simple to use and handle.

You Could Get Back Your Leftover Currency: When you apply for currency exchange rates, you know you would get the amount which is equivalent to the amount where you are going or buying. Suppose, you are going for a tour and you save some money. You use the amount required to complete your whole tour yet some money is still left. 

You could easily get back the amount in your own currency without any hassle. This way you would not lose out the value of your currency and you would only spend the money you have too. You could also do everything online which is very reliable, easy and simple to use.     

Currency exchange rates change at any time. You have to be prepared for any kind of fluctuation. Businessmen usually take the help of currency converter to get an idea as to how to buy things and sell them at a higher rate to earn a bigger profit. helps you make a profit by giving you the exact amount that is equivalent to the amount you have applied for in exchange for the other currency. It is quick, efficient and very effortless to use.  

In a recently conducted survey mapping the latest fintech trends, it was revealed that nearly 88% of professionals working in the Fintech industry believed that blockchain will be at the back of FinTech products by the year 2020. It is an astounding number predicting a technical revolution, given the skepticism and suspicion attached with blockchain only a few years back. Although there are many services and solutions offered by Fintech that can be integrated into banking operations. But surely the most useful is KYC for banks offered by identity verification services.  Advantages of KYC get a real shot in the arm with blockchain as all the information collected for ID verification and identity verification can be stored in a centralized resource that can not be accessed without proper authorization.

Blockchain for KYC Service Provider

Various crypto platforms are already using KYC process flow with coin base ID verification being the most notable form. But with intrinsic features of blockchain ensuring that no data breach of collected personal information ever occurs and any attempt of unauthorized access is duly reported, blockchain seems to answer all the privacy and data protection grievances commonly reported in KYC for Banks solutions. Introduction of blockchain based know your customer solutions will also allow a banking organization to keep track of transactions performed by a customer and ensure that no user with fake credentials ever tries to take over the account, considered the most common form of financial fraud performed by a scammer in the absence of an innovative KYC service provider.

Advantages of KYC with Blockchain

KYC requirements for banks are stricter than ever owing to the greater focus on customer rights and scrutiny by regulators on the digital practices. Frequent data breaches and poor data security bordering corporate negligence created a toxic compliance environment for banks that was resulting in multi-million fines being slapped on large banks despite maintaining compliance offices and spending millions annually on ensuring data protection for KYC verification.

Blockchain provides the much need cushion to ID verification and identity verification when it comes to regulatory compliance and threat of data hacking. KYC requirements for Banks becomes easier to tackle when the KYC banking solutions are backed by blockchain. These banking KYC solutions will be able to not only collect verified information from incoming users but store it at a discreet centralized location away from the eyes of data hacking vultures.

Starting from distance education till the protection of cultural values and traditions, computerized platforms are changing the manner in which learning is pictured and exhibited, with the help of far reaching implications for distribution of instructive content, plans of action for reasonable social effect and access by clients around the globe. Academic foundations and Governments and various technology providers and business visionaries can now mutually change the meaning of learning. 
Recently Edtech companies in Spain are using the mix of computerized media and education as it requires various disciplinary abilities. Blending the client experience and investigation with teaching method are the new theories educationists are keener on exploring. Accomplishment in new instructive ventures requires a community oriented methodology and a profound comprehension of the mind boggling interconnections between influencers, instructors, technology platforms, distributers, students and administrators. 
New companies in Edtech these days span various domains such as advanced education, professional training, and corporate training divisions. Openings lie in financial administration devices, instructor lifecycle administration, and educational modules improvement. New businesses in this division have taken off contributions, for example, customized assessments, parent commitment, VR content, gamification, and development of soft skills, computerized libraries, test preparation, student networking, learning examination, internship area, language tools, real-time scenario engagement and learning analytics. 
Remote sensors, advanced publishing, instructive intuitiveness and cloud computing offer new academic models of portable learning by means of online reference devices, educational modules, outer research and vital learning. Besides, due to the revolution bought in by the Social Media, are the double patterns of cloud computing and the modularisation of PC programming. Other transformative powers are various progresses made in the domain of electronic publishing and the most recent kind of digital book readers. Be that as it may, challenges emerge when it comes to inclusion of rural schools, and protecting against cyber harassing, cheating and attention deficit.  
Domains such as journalism are being changed, on account of the democratic effects of computerized media – which conceivably make everybody a publisher, writer, global telecaster and photographer. Difficulties emerge here in building advanced proficiency right at the schooling levels which reaches out to the appropriate evaluation of online sources. The computerized medium has turned into a precious asset for both – students and teachers. How it is utilized by educators will rely upon the procedures of their media teaching method. 
The upper hand of developing economies such as Spain lies in the qualities of its human capital. Recently Edtech companies in Spain have set up one of the best instruction frameworks in the education scene, with a few organizations that are recognised worldwide yet they are unable to fill the enormous employments requirement in the nation. The young people of Spain have a ton to offer, and the advanced medium thusly has a considerable measure to offer a nation which has scarce assets and a vast demographic. 
As indicated by industry norms, the advanced education framework in Spain contains more than 500 colleges with almost 85 percent of their students being enlisted in four year certification programs. To combat the issue of unemployment, more and more colleges these days are giving the benefit of campus placement due to which more and more people are getting themselves enrolled and getting the jobs of their dreams.

The technology has got widespread significance in this era when a number of devices are run by it and used by the users for various purposes in routine life. Currently, it is seen that the retail sector is growing at a fast pace. But with an increase in demand for the workload, it too depends on to manage it manually. But to manage all the things manually is seem to be very difficult as it put a lot of pressure to maintain it. To ease off the pressure, RPA can be able to ease off the pressure so that it can able to improve the service delivery. In this software, it is seen that it required less human intervention. Hence one can easily accustom it and use it as per the need. 
This software does all the works with more precision as well as in better quality. It is seen that the software is now gaining wide acceptance in all the industries as well as it becomes one of the most popular software. The application of this robotic process automation in Retail is said to be very vast as it is implemented in all the networks. It has been seen that it has provided with many solutions like open item management, tax invoices, back office reporting as well as supply chain cost. These things are explained below. 

Open item management

It is said that one of the main tasks was to reconcile with a high volume of open items which is done every month. All the employees who are there in the project were said to be navigating that is between the two different software systems to reconcile the open items. This all process decreased the manual work as well as inaccuracies.

Tax invoices

In this process, it is seen that automation helps in finding the vendor’s websites to search, sort, retrieve as well as file all the necessary data. The automated process seems to reduce the process time as well as it helps in achieving the 100 per cent accuracy. This helps the employees to get some free time as well as they help in easing off the pressure from them.

Improved back office reporting

It is usually the employees who all do the closing reports. They go for manual as well as a sluggish way to give the reports. But with the help of automation, it helps them to prepare the same more effectively and easily. 

User access management

The automation in this helps in capturing the list of the employees who all need the permission updates. This process is seen to reduce the cycle time as well as increased productivity.
All these things are said to be helping the retail industry in a great way. The retail process automation is said to play an important role in the retail industry as all these processes are seen to help the employees present in the retail industry. This process helps the employees to work in a reduced work pressure environment.

Computerized showcasing is picking up prevalence after some time as organizations need to build their site movement for better Return on Investment (ROI). The best approach to do it is through building the quality connection. As indicated by Google Penguin refresh, it offers need to external link establishment. Along these lines, in the event that somebody constructs a connection that is unnatural, at that point, Google punishes those sites. In this way, we should begin with the best five prescribed procedures you should consider in inner external link establishment techniques. 

1.  Create quality substance 

Before you kick-begin with interior third-party referencing procedures, the as a matter of first important thing you require is to have an incredible substance on your site. Having 3-4 posts on your site isn't sufficient and it won't create the normal outcome. In this way, you have to deliver heaps of substance. It is a smart thought to compose articles, web journals, and white papers on the specialty points and offering it to your end clients/network. Prior to distributing your post, add an important inward connect to the post which has been as of now distributed. 

2.  Use of proper stay content 

When you start dealing with the inward third-party referencing technique, ensure that you utilize pertinent grapple message in the substance. The grapple content is an interactive content which a client clicks either to visit on another site page of a similar site or to approach another site. It normally shows up as blue underlined content, yet you change your site's connection hues and styles through your HTML or CSS. 

3.  Links in the substance 

Each time another article is created, it is prescribed to include a sensible number of connections. From an interior connecting setting, it is recommended that a page ought to have four to five connections relying on the length of the post. Including such a large number of connections, the article can likewise weaken the SEO esteem. 

4.  Focus on pertinent connections 

An inner connection is a decent method to convey movement to the site however it ought to be set on the important watchword. 

5.  Fix the broken connections 

Broken connections are terrible for SEO. Check the broken connections on the general premise. There are different apparatuses and modules accessible that effortlessly give you the rundown of broken connections. It is constantly proposed to maintain a strategic distance from broken connections or fix it at the earliest opportunity to keep the site solid. 

Interlinking has its own particular centrality in enhancing the general SEO execution. Along these lines, following the above interior connecting systems, you can convey enormous activity to your site which at last builds the profitability of the organization. 

Once having summoned of inward external link establishment or SEO strategies, you can make your splendid profession in this documented. In coming years, a considerable measure of employment opportunities will come in Search Engine Optimization. Along these lines, on the off chance that you are searching for work in this profile, at that point you can depend on Monster Philippines, the main occupation gateway in the Philippines which give a stage where work searchers and managers can associate together. One can look for the activity by entering work titles, catchphrases or experience. Submit continue on the entrance to construct an important profession. It has been seen that competitors hunting down electrical engineering jobs, programming building occupations, mechanical designing employments and so forth gets pulled in towards computerized advertising division. Also, the explanation for this fascination is the colossal capability of this area, along these lines offering wide openings for work to the activity searchers.

Internet marketing culture demands that brands continually re-evaluate their marketing strategy to stay fresh and current. It’s not about reinventing the wheel — it’s about brands staying ahead of the game with lively ideas that engage their audience.

It’s not easy; brands need to deliver an internet marketing strategy which connects with their customer, increases brand awareness, and at the same time grows revenue. Inspiration can be gained from those brands that are at the top of their game when it comes to making noise in the world of Internet marketing.

Below are 7 brands that are blowing the competition out of the water with some excellent internet marketing.


Slack is a collaboration app enabling teams to efficiently communicate and share files. With an epic growth of 15,000 users at launch in 2014 to 2 million active daily users today, they’re easily an MVP in the SaaS world. So what did their marketing strategy consist of?

Slack’s success is due to their awesome customer relations. From the outset, Slack has been based on selling a solution, not just a tool. Their emphasis is on customer experience and solving customers’ pain points online, on time and every time.

Slack responds to (not simply receives) 8,000 help desk tickets and over 10,000 tweets per month. Their “Slack Wall of Love” showcases the latest tweets and retweets from Slack customers who adore this messaging tool.

Try to scale your own social media efforts and embrace automation tools like Buffer to help you create a coherent brand narrative on social media.


Airbnb has revolutionized the search for accommodation.  The site now heralds 150 million users, 4 million listings, and a total valuation of $31 billion in 2017. Not bad for a business founded by the owners who were looking for a cheap place to crash when on the road and out of pocket.

Their internet marketing strategy combines user-generated images, how-to videos and posts tailored towards owners, and popular city guides. Their Instagram campaign blends humour with images of exotic travel locations, doubling up as both a forum and travel service combined.

Airbnb is the shining stars of social media. In 2015, their company Instagram campaign received 13.3 million interactions —  growing their followers by a whopping 341%.


Back in 2004, the notion of collating social networking and online reviews was a real eureka moment for the founders of Yelp. Now, Yelp has 170 million unique monthly users and over 148 million reviews — and it was social media that grew the social proof element.

By keeping it real and the authenticity of reviewers: real people with real names and photos, who are encouraged to develop a reputation themselves. Users even review the reviews of others!

Today, according to Michael Luca of the Harvard Business Review, an increase on a Yelp rating of one-star can create a 5-9% increase in business revenue.

Use Pixlee to collate and organize your own user-generated-content — massive for conversions and sales.


Mastercard is a big player in financial services with a knack for developing engaging experiences to entice and keep their customers. Their iconic 2016 campaign piggybacked off their sponsorship of the MLB (Major League Baseball) and took advantage of the Chicago Cubs making the World Series.

Mastercard wanted to create an effective ad campaign, connect with suffering Cubs fans whilst inserting themselves into the buzz of the World Series conversation.

Their search unearthed a great piece of content: a rival team player had accused Cubs fans of lacking passion for their team. It created the perfect sound bite to build an entire campaign on the ‘Sound of Priceless.’ To establish just how loud Cubs fans were, Mastercard built a sound meter and placed it around the Wrigley field. The noise captured helped develop video content for the campaign, to great effect.

Mastercard released the film online and on social media just as the Cubs won the final game of the World Series, with spectacular results.


To bring people together to bond over a pint, Heineken paired individuals with opposing viewpoints and they undertook a series of bonding challenges together. Their disagreements were then revealed, and they were invited to choose: either to leave or to sit down and discuss their differences over a beer.

The video was promoted on Facebook; gaining over 138,000 shares, 324,000 engagements, and over 17.7 million views. Heineken also captured their message in a hashtag, #OpenYourWorld, which soon gained 22,000 tweets (of which 87% were overwhelmingly positive).

Creating content that stirs inspirational emotions in customers can deliver a viral internet marketing campaign that triggers multitudes of shares, whilst at the same time being thought-provoking.

Brands have to invest time and effort to create a successful internet marketing strategy which connects with their customers. This comes from thinking outside the box, understanding their audience and delivering a campaign of exceptional quality. When they do, the outcome can pay dividends not just financially, but emotionally as well.

VPN services have grown in popularity, especially in the last year or so. The rollback of net neutrality rules, and the gutting of FCC consumer protections have resulted in an increased interest by ordinary Internet users in increasing their security and privacy online. This clear trend of increasing use of VPN services presents several potential issues for web administrators and their SEO efforts.

How VPNs Can Affect SEO

We’ll dig into exactly how VPNs affect SEO activities in this article. And if you’re looking for a VPN to use, check out the reviews at

How VPNs Work for Users

When a user signs up for a VPN service, they usually pay a subscription fee, and gain a username and password. They download a client or app for their chosen device(s) and operating system(s). Then, with the client or app running, they connect to a VPN server of their choice, in the location of their choice. Most VPN providers have hundreds or thousands of servers spread throughout many countries around the globe. VPN users are free to choose and switch servers as often as desired.

The benefits to users primarily stem from security, privacy, and relative anonymity. First, the traffic between the user and the VPN server is encrypted and sent via a secure tunnel. This means that government and ISP monitors cannot determine what is being sent, or the ultimate endpoint of the data. At the same time, the VPN server decrypts and then re-broadcasts the traffic to the desired destination. The destination server only sees the IP address from the VPN server’s pool – not the true IP address of the user. Finally, by accessing different VPN servers in different geographic locations, users can bypass geo-restrictions on content. This potent combination of security, privacy, anonymity, and added access, at affordable prices, is a powerful draw for many users.

Impact – Google Analytics

Of course, there can be negative impacts for web administrators from the increased use of VPNs. Fortunately, in some areas, those impacts are minor. One such area is Google Analytics. The Google Analytics platform, which is the most commonly-used website statistics and intelligence platform in use today, uses cookies stored on the user’s computer in order to track activity and report it. Using a VPN, in and of itself, does not change this – no matter how the user accesses a site using Google Analytics, the cookie will track them and provide feedback to the platform. In this way, VPNs don’t negatively impact SEO efforts based on Google Analytics data.

Impact – Local Search Results

Local search results are another matter. For websites that offer localized services, search results, “nearby” or “near me” listings, or anything else that is based on a user’s location, the use of a VPN will definitely have an impact. Because most location-specific data is derived from a user’s IP address, through the process of geo-location, the IP address matters a great deal for local results. However, with a VPN service, the users are getting an IP address that is shared, and issued by the pool associated with the VPN server they are connecting through. It will geo-locate to wherever their VPN server is located, which can be another region or even another country. This aspect of VPN use may hurt overall site experience for users, and the accuracy of geo-located results.

Impact – Geographic Statistics and Unique IPs

Various site and platform-specific statistics packages are available, and often provided by web hosting companies or do-it-yourself web design firms, to allow web administrators to track geographic statistics, unique IP/page view information, session data, bounce rates, and so forth. While they may not be as dynamic or detailed as Google Analytics, many web administrators rely on this data to shape their content, and for their SEO efforts as well. While page views and related elements will still be logged, users visiting your site from behind a VPN will have a negative impact on geographic statistics and unique IP statistics. The geographic problem comes from the same issues presented in “Local Search Results” above.

Similarly, the unique IP problem stems from the fact that VPN servers recycle IPs, and use a shared pool, meaning the same IP could belong to 2, 10, even hundreds of different visitors to your site. This means your numbers for unique visitors or unique IPs will be artificially reduced – on an ever-increasing scale. This is a moderate problem, though is overcome with tracking cookies, Google Analytics, and similar mechanisms.

Impact – Site Load Times/Speed

Site load time and access speed can also take a hit with VPNs. Because of the encryption and decryption process, a great deal of communication overhead and processing time is involved in the traffic from a user to a VPN and on to your web server. Latency/ping time goes up, in some cases dramatically, and maximum download/upload speed goes down, also sometimes dramatically. This varies a lot by VPN, with the better providers only impacting latency by 20-30 ms additional time (virtually undetectable to most users), and only a 10-20% decrease in max download speed. Lower-quality VPN providers can add 60 ms or more to latency, and hit max download speed by 90% or more, which is most definitely noticeable.

The end result is that users accessing your site from poorer quality VPNs might see unreasonably high load times or slow load and navigation speeds, increasing bounce rate, and decreasing your SEO rankings accordingly. However, this is a relatively minor consideration overall, as it is unlikely most VPN users will continue to use a service that slows normal web browsing to a crawl. If you have a very media-rich site, with lots of video streaming and so forth, it might be more of an issue for you in particular. But for average website administrators, this is a problem that tends to sort itself out, between the user and their VPN provider of choice.

Bottom Line
The bottom line is that the impact of VPN use on SEO and web analytics is minimal at this time. There are some trade-offs in the area of geographic statistics and local search results, as well as site load times, but they, too, are fairly minor – there are viable alternatives available for web administrators that are not affected by VPN use. Users gain far more in security and privacy through using a VPN than web administrators may lose on the SEO side, at least under the current generation of VPNs and technologies that are available.

It is evident to most that in order to enjoy recurring sales and keep your customers coming back for more, you need to properly engage them. It also goes without saying that retaining existing customers is far more cost-effective, and generally a lot easier to do, when compared to trying to acquire new ones. Furthermore, many marketing experts believe that customer relationship management is the key to keeping existing clients engaged. However, the relationship component should actually begin when the initial contact with the client takes place; when they are still just a prospective client.

Having a 24/7 proactive approach to your marketing strategy where your digital channels have communications that are integrated will allow your brand to optimally foster relationships with its client base. Here, we will break down what customer lifecycle marketing is and how you can leverage it to retain your customers for life.

Creating a Proper Contact Strategy

You should begin by launching an email marketing campaign that is fully automated. Some of the messages you can convey include nurture and welcome messages, or you can try and win-back clients who have left. You can also add ad targeting displays to your strategy, such as Google Ads, and incorporate it into your network re-marketing initiatives.

Moreover, you should include personalization that is on-site. For instance, you can recommend some custom tailored content, offers, or perhaps a new innovative product to maximize conversions. Retargeting on social media should also be a part of your contact strategy; so use all the social platforms that you can (i.e., LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest).

The clout of conventional channels should also never be underestimated. As such, you can contact prospects via phone or by direct mail to expand your contact methods.

Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Customer lifecycle marketing refers to the newfound interest of companies in customer engagement and customer prospecting, as well as customer retention and conversion. In other words, the marketer will focus keenly on their contact strategy, and integrate all of the marketing communication catalysts at their disposal to support their target customers and prospects. Marketing techniques such as remarketing and personalized messaging — that are engaging and persuasive — are implemented to help guide their clients and prospective clients on their unique road to purchase.

The Origin of Lifecycle Marketing

Customer lifecycle marketing was originally coined by the company Infusionsoft — a company that specializes in customer relationship management. It was initially a term devised to help better explain their services.  Interestingly, the concept was meant to help marketing teams create successful marketing strategies that would help them deliver exceptional experiences, increase sales, and entice clients.

The lifecycle component of customer lifecycle marketing goes beyond the rather rudimentary phase of simply trying to convert each contact. Instead, it focuses on a long-term focus on not just acquiring customers, but retaining them for an extended period of time.

The Five Stages of Customer Lifecycle Marketing

If we were to break down customer lifecycle marketing into 5 stages or phases it would begin with the acquisition phase. The next stage would focus on prospective clients, while the third would be focused on actually converting prospects into paying customers. Next, we move to retain them, since customer lifecycle marketing focuses on long-term relationships with clients instead of one-off sales. The final stage is the win-back stage, where a win-back program is launched in order to bring back customers who have stopped purchasing your products or using your services.

How Different Channels can Be Used Across Multiple Client Stages

Let us begin by focusing on integrated communications mediums in order to generate awareness. Examples may include PR, SEO, TV,  print ads, and social media. Decision content follows, which may include brochures, mobile applications, and websites with responsive web design. Follow-up remarketing comes next, which will likely include display retargeting, email, SMS, and even phone calls. Finally, there are sales channels, which may include phone, mobile and desktop applications and websites but in-store channels as well.

Step one will be implemented in order to stimulate and inspire the buyer by using the aforementioned integrated communication mediums. Step two will focus on helping foster a brand preference in the buyer by focusing on the “look” stage of the buyer’s path to purchase. Here,  interactive brochures, multiple app options, and a highly responsive website will be put into action.

Step three will focus on persuading the customer by reminding and explaining the exciting and useful benefits and features of their products. To do so, they will try and persuade the buyer using automated retargeting, SMS, emails, and automated calling and chatting. Interestingly, stage 4 (sales channels) will also be a part of the third step in the buyer’s journey, and traditional in-store and phone channels, as well as site personalization,  will be launched to do so.

The fourth step will focus on the actual purchase of the product or service in question. Here, the marketing team will facilitate the purchase of the product or service using phone, online, or in-store ordering or purchasing.

Hence, customer lifecycle marketing is not a sprint but a marathon, that involves multiple steps along the way.  Marketers need to understand the client’s journey to purchase in an integrated fashion, from the initial contact step to the customer relationship management step. In other words, it is recommended that you not focus on separate campaigns but instead focus on implementing an always-on marketing strategy that assesses the client’s entire journey over multiple platforms and mediums.

Now you know what customer lifecycle marketing entails and how it can greatly benefit your enterprise, by not only fostering a great brand reputation but also by expanding your customer base; all while keeping existing clients happy and engaged with your corporate messaging.

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