No! It is not a smart move from your side if you lazy your way into getting a new pair of glasses with your expired prescription. Just like every expired thing in this world remains invalid or restrained to future use, your expired prescription for your glasses falls under the same law. There is a simple reason behind this as your eyes also get old as you age. The prescription from a few years back is no longer affirming your current eye condition as you sense right now. Expired prescription is no longer valid towards providing enhanced vision as you will notice that your vision is weakened since your last eye examination. Now that your eyes are getting deteriorating day by day as you old, you’ll require a new prescription for your new glasses that will give you accurate, present-day information that helps to improve the quality of your eyesight. 

How long can you use your Eyeglass Prescription?

When you visit an eye doctor, you get your prescription if you need any corrective lenses, but your prescription turns out to be valid for a short or a fixed amount of time. For most of the time, a prescription for glasses is good to use usually till 6 to 8 months. However, depending on your age, eyeglasses prescription varies from the person and eye state. Most of the eyewear retailers will not accept expired prescription as you can’t trust old information hence it is universally not accepted.  Rather, the expiration on your prescription indicates that your eyes may have changed at that time. Generally, eye doctors recommend getting your eyes checked once a year if you have corrective lenses. Of course, eyes can change in a shorter period, but for most patients once a year is often enough.

Sign that indicates your eye prescription has changed
Here are the most common symptoms indicating that your prescription has changed whether you are near-sighted, far-sighted or suffering from presbyopia. 

Blurry Vision- Blurry image has never proved to be a good sign in any outcomes of life either in films or reality. Hence when you start to see a blurry image, you need to instantly book an appointment for an eye checkup.

Eye Fatigue- When you are not able to focus on something and develop tiredness most of the time it’s all because you are not able to concentrate properly on an image or text. A correct prescription lens will treat this eye condition and eliminate further eye fatigue.

Headaches- If you are experiencing recurrent headaches then it is high time that you need to get the right prescription glasses for your eyes. 

Constant Squinting- Squinting is a common sign in adults when they need a new pair of corrective glasses. Squinting changes, the way light enters the eye and improves your vision by a fraction, however, doing it consistently means your eyes are weakening and need correction.

Light sensitivity- If bright light either indoors or from the sun is making you squint, cover your eyes, or even shut them in pain, it’s time for a new prescription. This means your eyes are working overtime or may even be a sign of infection or disease. Seek a professional’s help as soon as possible if you experience chronic light sensitivity.

What to do to get a new prescription?

It’s so simple! You don’t need to use your expired prescription for buying a new pair of glasses but instead find an eye doctor that will perform a comprehensive eye exam and will present you with a new and updated prescription slip of eyeglasses you need. 

Free Eye Test at Home

Yes! You heard that right. Specscart provides you with a free eye test. If you are busy with your schedule and can’t find a free day of work. Specscart's expert ophthalmologists will visit your home and workplace once you book order and perform a comprehensive eye exam and give you your new prescription slip. Specscart provides quality prescribed glasses and non-prescribed eyeglasses with a wide variety of frame design and style. With try glasses online service, you can order your top four frames of your requirement for free home trial for a complete week trial. Take your time and find the ideal pair that matches your style and if still not satisfied, order four more and try until you find the one. 

It's very often that people don't realize that there is something wrong with their vision and need glasses. Why should they go and see an eye doctor and how should a person come to know that they have optical problems. A lot of the factor has to do with age and also protective wear for getting rid of blue light, UV and anti-flare radiation. 

It may seem as though you have had your prescription glasses for several years, that your eyesight is still the same. There are many eyewear companies that present a free eye test. You may be able to see just fine through your old glasses, but there could be an issue with your vision that you haven’t been paying attention to. We recommend that you update your prescription every two years, but we have compiled a list of potential symptoms that may indicate it’s time for a new eye test:

Eye Strain- Early Indicator

Fatigued eyes can be another sign that your eyesight has changed. Although gazing at a computer or driving for long periods can be blamed for this on a short-term basis – if your eyes feel constantly tired for more than 1-2 days, then it means that you should probably go and get your eyes tested again. Eye fatigue can also be connected to other symptoms such as squinting and blurred vision.

Headaches - Constant Discomfort

People often associate their headaches with more serious illnesses, even though this is one of the most frequent symptoms for people to get when experiencing eyesight issues. It is caused by your brain over-compensating for the slight change in vision, getting over-tired and causing an aching sensation.

Blurred Vision- Common Issue

Blurred vision can affect one or both of your eyes and can be quite common for people with eye problems. This can also be accompanied by Photophobia which is where your eyes have a sensitivity to light. If you find yourself struggling to focus or read due to blurred vision, it can be due to eyesight issues and you should get your eyes tested.

Itchiness- Refractive effects

Having issues with squinting in the sunlight are common, whereas squinting when reading a computer screen or a leaflet is not. This may, therefore, be a sign that you need to get your prescription renewed. Squinting can cause unnecessary strain on your eyes, so the sooner you get your eyes tested, the better! You would be prescribed the good blue light glasses in order to eliminate the itchiness and squinting. 

Free Eye Test

Specscart provides a convenient solution towards eye test. It doesn't let you bother coming to an ophthalmologist or need to take a day of leave for getting your eyes checked. SpecscartUK  provides eye test at home where you don't have to move an inch of your body but rather a group of highly qualified OPtometrist will make a visit to your home and do your eye test taking about 30 minutes. With the checking, the optician will formulate a complete check of your eye health report and prescribed you with precise eyeglasses.

Corporate Eye Care
Since you spend most of your time at work, making an appointment and visiting an optician will never be executed as either you'll forget about it or feel too tired to visit. Specscart provides another convenient solution for eye care at work that involves a unique solution for an eye test. Specscart team of optometrists will visit your corporate office and conduct eye exams that ensure healthy eye-checkup and vision enhancement. 

There are different in which you can have fun at the wedding and especially when you are getting your pictures clicked. Photo booths at weddings are perfect for taking amazing pictures and capturing the most memorable event of your life. The best part about the photo booths is that no guest can say no to it as it is so much fun to click pictures in front of the photo booth. You can choose various kinds of backdrops for photo booths that can make the pictures pretty and fun too. 

Use Faux Framed or Floral Backdrop

You can create a faux framed or a floral wall as a backdrop. 
  • You can choose to give it a modern touch. You can also use a theme to present this backdrop so that it looks pretty. 
  • Make sure that these walls are brightly coloured so that the pictures look lively. Using dull colours for a background can give a dim or dull effect on the pictures. 
  • You can also use mirrors on the walls so that your guests can give a striking pose in front of them for a perfect wedding picture. 
  • Make use of the gardens or open areas where you can create floral backdrops that are simple and elegant. 
  • You can also use giant paper flowers on the wall with a small design at one side of the wall to make it look attractive and fun. 

Make Use of Themes for Your Wedding Photo Booths

If you want to have little fun or let your guests have some fun while getting their pictures clicked, then make use of different themes. 
  • Choose the theme of your prop according to your theme of the wedding. 
  • You can go for social media theme if you are an ardent fan of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. 
  • You can also choose a storybook theme for your photo booths to make it unique and different. 
  • If your wedding is in an open area, then add some picnic fun to your wedding pictures by choosing a picnic theme for your wedding pictures. 
  • You can also have kissing booths with some cool props. 

Use Props While Getting Pictures Clicked in your Wedding

Props are fun to use. So, make full use of them. 
  • Make use of colorful umbrellas or items as props for your pictures. They will give your wedding photos of vibrant colours. 
  • You can also use cool hats or caps or any other accessory to make these photos look fun and cool.
  • You can also get personalized props like frames, hearts, etc. as part of your wedding photography. 

Whatever the theme of your wedding, photo booths at weddings make a perfect option to add some element of fun; they will keep your guests excited and will not feel bored. If your photo booth is different and unique, then your wedding will surely be the talk of the town. So, to get those perfect wedding pictures to get your wedding planner to get you the best photo booth at your wedding. 

The first question that arises in our mind at the time of transfers is the safety of personal belongings. We take the utmost care of our belongings, but at the time of transportation of the goods, the responsibilities of the same go beyond our hands and thus, we need to trust the best for the proper care.

If you are also ready to make move out of your place and looking for the best cargo company, then you need to look for a reliable, trustworthy and the charges should also fit your pocket.

Here are some tips for you to follow before selecting any cargo company: - 
Check the Registrations
The first and foremost thing that you need to find whether the cargo company is registered as per the moving industry or not. Don’t hesitate to ask the company to show the details as you will be entrusting them with your valuables. So, there must be mutual trust. 

Find out the Provided Services
Ask about the different services provided by the company. There are many cargo companies which provide you with door to door shipping. This means they will pack the things from your place and also deliver the same at your destination. This means a lesser workload and worries for you.

Size of Container
If you are moving within a country then this will not be an issue, however, if you are moving out to a different country or continent, then the size of the container matters very much. 

You can find the usual container size of a 20’ or a 40’ shipping container provided by most of the shipping companies. However, if you are looking to transport perishable items or antiques or rare items, then you can look for reefer container as they will provide the best conditions for your valuables.

Tracking Options
Nowadays, you can even track your online orders and thus easily find out the expected date and time of delivery. Similarly, look for tracking options for your goods from the shipment company. 
With the availability of advanced technologies, you can easily track your shipment. You can either get a code to track the shipment or get notifications about each movement. So ask for the service in advance.

Most of the cargo shipping companies provide you with the insurance facility for your goods. But it is still very critical to clear the doubts about the same so that you are 100% covered due to any kind of damages to your goods.

There are different types of coverage of items available, thus you can take the suggestion of your shipping company to select the suitable plans for you.

Holding Services
So what if you reach late than your shipment? Where will be the goods stored? What will be the charges for holding the goods? It is important to know more in details about the storage facility of the goods if they reach earlier than you especially if you are shipping perishable or rare items which require special cares.

Compare the Prices
Before finalizing your shipping company, do a proper comparison of the prices and the offered services. Don’t hesitate to ask for discounts on the rates as bargaining are our birthright. A little negotiation can help to save a few bucks.

Go For Schumacher Cargo Logistics
Schumacher Cargo Logistics is operating since 1977 and is shipping goods all over the world with the top safety ratings. So, whatever you may want to ship, you will get the best service from here. Be it your car or looking for international boat shipping or yacht transportation, you can enjoy the excelled services from here.

Spine treatment without surgery is possible by practicing a few tips to avoid the problems of the spine. As we know these days, there are many facing severe problems regarding spinal in order placement of discs. Due to these problems, many are depending on others, and their lives have become similar to hell.

Most of them prefer to get surgeries which are even not guaranteed because of some human bodies cannot tolerate the pain given by the operations.

Besides incompetent knowledge, some people will go for an effortless task, i.e., called surgery which by substituting the discs of the spine. But, there are many ways other than surgery to cure and avoid spine problems in the future. Those can be as follows:

In the improving of physiotherapy equipment and other advanced techniques, you can get spine treatment without surgery.

Follow core exercises instructed by the physician

You should know the nature of the human body before getting into the treatment.
The core muscles support and also stabilize the lower spine. So it will help to strengthen your weak spine discs and get you better results under cover of the therapist.

How it helps
These exercises strengthen core muscles, reduce strain on the back, and improve your condition.


Along with core exercises, electrotherapy works as laser therapy by modalities such as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and Interferential therapy (IFT) that gives immediate pain relief.
The impacted nerve in the back blocks by giving the pain signals to the brain, whereas therapy stimulates through electrical to the nerve and produces the pain relief hormones.

How It Helps
These modalities, therefore, help in reducing the pain felt, which is the priority in the treatment of slipped disc.

Myofascial Release

In the myofascial release, slow and sustained manual pressure applied to your back which helps to stretch and relax strained back muscles.

How It Helps
This hands-on technique helps significantly in reducing your pain.

Endurance Training

Endurance training is started to increase strength and reducing weakness in your back muscles.
The training for slipped disc usually starts with 2-3 sets of 15 reps of back extension exercises a day.

How it helps
Repeated muscle contraction (or exercising) for a prolonged period helps enhance your strength and endurance.

Taping or K-Tape

Taping or K-tape is another effective method to relieve pain wherein a cotton strip with acrylic adhesive is applied to the problem area.

How it helps
Taping offloads stress from the stressed back muscles, which result in immediate pain relief. It also improves blood circulation in the back, which besides promotes the healing process. Taping also gives support to your back and improves healthy posture and normal function.

Postural Analysis and Correction

You must consider getting a postural analysis and correction done. Through a postural analysis and revision, the physiotherapist examines your condition and suggests measures to improve it. That would further support to reduce unwanted stress on your spine. 

There are several spine surgery clinics in India where you can visit for physiotherapy for back pain and neck pain. You can get the best medication for any surgery, and some have simple treatments.