Can I get glasses with an expired prescription?

No! It is not a smart move from your side if you lazy your way into getting a new pair of glasses with your expired prescription. Just like every expired thing in this world remains invalid or restrained to future use, your expired prescription for your glasses falls under the same law. There is a simple reason behind this as your eyes also get old as you age. The prescription from a few years back is no longer affirming your current eye condition as you sense right now. Expired prescription is no longer valid towards providing enhanced vision as you will notice that your vision is weakened since your last eye examination. Now that your eyes are getting deteriorating day by day as you old, you’ll require a new prescription for your new glasses that will give you accurate, present-day information that helps to improve the quality of your eyesight. 

How long can you use your Eyeglass Prescription?

When you visit an eye doctor, you get your prescription if you need any corrective lenses, but your prescription turns out to be valid for a short or a fixed amount of time. For most of the time, a prescription for glasses is good to use usually till 6 to 8 months. However, depending on your age, eyeglasses prescription varies from the person and eye state. Most of the eyewear retailers will not accept expired prescription as you can’t trust old information hence it is universally not accepted.  Rather, the expiration on your prescription indicates that your eyes may have changed at that time. Generally, eye doctors recommend getting your eyes checked once a year if you have corrective lenses. Of course, eyes can change in a shorter period, but for most patients once a year is often enough.

Sign that indicates your eye prescription has changed
Here are the most common symptoms indicating that your prescription has changed whether you are near-sighted, far-sighted or suffering from presbyopia. 

Blurry Vision- Blurry image has never proved to be a good sign in any outcomes of life either in films or reality. Hence when you start to see a blurry image, you need to instantly book an appointment for an eye checkup.

Eye Fatigue- When you are not able to focus on something and develop tiredness most of the time it’s all because you are not able to concentrate properly on an image or text. A correct prescription lens will treat this eye condition and eliminate further eye fatigue.

Headaches- If you are experiencing recurrent headaches then it is high time that you need to get the right prescription glasses for your eyes. 

Constant Squinting- Squinting is a common sign in adults when they need a new pair of corrective glasses. Squinting changes, the way light enters the eye and improves your vision by a fraction, however, doing it consistently means your eyes are weakening and need correction.

Light sensitivity- If bright light either indoors or from the sun is making you squint, cover your eyes, or even shut them in pain, it’s time for a new prescription. This means your eyes are working overtime or may even be a sign of infection or disease. Seek a professional’s help as soon as possible if you experience chronic light sensitivity.

What to do to get a new prescription?

It’s so simple! You don’t need to use your expired prescription for buying a new pair of glasses but instead find an eye doctor that will perform a comprehensive eye exam and will present you with a new and updated prescription slip of eyeglasses you need. 

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