All you need to know about the bohemian look

The bohemian look for a woman is one of the most feminine as well as spectacular styles that still exists as a trend in the modern fashion world. The inspiration for the bohemian style or even the bohemian lifestyle comes from the need for freedom from all the dogmatic stereotypes and the accepted rules of the modern world. This ideology resulted in the formation of a very unique and specific type of style that is popular even today amongst a large number of the population. If you have been longing to look like a bohemian goddess, then you just need to keep a few points in mind.

Elements of Boho style

This is the part where you get introduced with the different aspects of the bohemian style that is quite commonly followed. Though the style involves one dressing in a way that suits the mind of the wearer, yet there are a few points which might help you achieve the look better.

  • They make use of a lot of natural fabrics like chiffon, velvet, linen, suede, fur, silk, cotton, denim, leather, etc.
  • Multi-layered textures are quite popular.
  • Comfort is extremely important. Shoes are also not preferred to have very high heels even if they are in the form of platform or wedges.
  • This style includes the use of a large amount of accessories and jewellery. Bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses, earrings, belts, jewels or pearls, headbands or bands, etc. are worn together in such a manner that they complement each other.
  • The clothing you wear and the accessories you pair it up with mostly should be of neutral and natural tones. Neon shades are a total no-no for this style.
  • The bohemian style is a fan of patterns and prints. Floral prints and checked patterns, ethnic inspired prints, eclectic hints, etc. is what most of the bohemian attires are made of.
  • High-waist designs are very popular. Flare finishes and fringes are both equally favoured. Maxi dresses, maxi skirts, big accessories, lace, knitted details, textured details, etc. make for the Boho Chic look.

Where to wear

After nailing that boho look, you probably must be thinking where it would be most appropriate to wear this ensemble. Well, you would be surprised how versatile this look can be and the number of occasions you can wear it in.


The bohemian look is great for a walk with your family or friends. It gives a very casual vibe and is best suited for this kind of setting. As the style is so comfortable and fun, you can easily wear it to any of the casual outings you plan. The garments you wear in no way limit your movements and also don’t act a factor which would make you tired easily.


If you get familiar with the style in an intimate way you will soon realise that it can also be turned into a very classic look too. This makes it possible for people to wear boho outfits to their workplace even.


As this is also a very casual wear this outfit can be worn while you go shopping too. You can wear that boho outfit for grocery as well as fashion shopping.