SAT: Can You Beat It?

Sat is a test that helps in selecting applicants for undergraduate courses in the US and different other countries. The test is envisioned to measure students' readiness for college. This SAT is specifically designed to be allied with high school curricula, as the questions asked in the test reflect more closely what the students have learned in their school. 
Students take sat coaching for their preparation and some even drop a year to make sure that they score great in the test. But what kills the performance of many students is their stress. The stress levels in the students are really high. You cannot expect them to perform well in the presence of their stress levels. Many excellent applicants lose their confidence and perform low because of high stress levels.  If you too have stress problems then you should keep in mind the following points. 

Don’t listen to everybody 

If you are listening to everybody then you won’t be able to perform well in your test. When you focus much on what your friends saying, what your family members saying and what random people are telling you; you would give all your attention to them only. It would hamper your productivity and leave you stressed. The key is to pay full attention to your own preparation and performance. Once you listen to what your heart and mind say, you don’t get stressed. Of course, if your trainer is telling you something to improve, that is worth listening to but if you are listening to the terrifying stories of people about how candidates failed at the tests and so on; you might be digging your own grave for the test.

Don’t overload your mind 

If you are taking sat preparation course, preparing some hours a day and doing revision time to time; you need to take relax in between. Preparation for SAT does not mean studying throughout the days. It is about studying smartly. The point is to focus on your studies and take proper breaks in between to keep yourself smooth and composed. When you take even ten minutes break after every an hour or two hours; you keep your mind fresh. Otherwise, if you are studying constantly for six seven hours without any halts or pauses, you end up overloading your mind. Overloading can harm your mind effectivity and overall performance.

Don’t hesitate to Ask 

Many candidates think that they would be less if they ask about any doubts or queries.  If you are one such student then you have to think again.You cannot simply take anything seriously.  If you know that asking would help you preparing for the SAT test, there should be no hesitation. After all, it is all about preparing for the test in the most effective manner. If you are stuck in a situation and you don’t know which path to take for performance in SAT, you can ask your teachers in the coaching or simply discuss it with some reliable friends. If you are doing sat preparation course then you can ask your peers too.


So, having said it all; you have to be stress free about everything. SAT is all about how much you have learned all your school years and how you perform in the test. Once you are stress free, you can effectively beat the SAT.