Why is withdrawing from PPF and investing in FD is a good idea?

Financial planning is something that supports people in the achievement of their financial goals on a large scale. Letting your money lie idle in the savings account is a financial hazard in the long run. It is important for an individual to consider investment options that have higher returns than the savings account to ensure wealth generation out of surplus income. Provident Funds or PFs are one of the most trusted investment options in India. This is so as they offer the account holder a long-term investment option and gives stable returns. This option is selected by the individuals mainly for planning a safe retirement and getting a regular pension. 
The biggest drawback of Public Provident Funds is that the lock-in period is extensive and the returns are lower than other investment options in the market like Fixed Deposits. You can always switch to better investment options like FDs for getting higher interest and hence accumulating more wealth. The withdrawal from Provident Fund (PF) can be made, but you have to abide by following rules: 
1. If a time period of 7 years has passed since the opening of a PPF account, you can make partial withdrawals with an upper limit of 50% of the total amount. 
2. There is no need to provide a reason for partial withdrawals once the lock-in period of 7 years is complete. 
3. You can make a partial withdrawal only once in a year. 
4. The complete closure of the account is not allowed before a period of 15 years is complete. The account can be closed before 15 years only if the account holder is dead. 
The premature closure can be made by the account holder, but there are penalties included. The penalties can be borne by an account holder if the next option that the investments are made in drives more returns. Investments in FD can prove to be a very smart decision especially when you have to generate returns on a big amount. The companies like Bajaj Finance provide fixed deposit options at lucrative interest rates and ensures that you get the highest returns in the market. The growth of money will be fast and more once the money is invested in a fixed deposit. Let us take a quick look at the benefits that you can get on corporate fixed deposits like the one offered by Bajaj Finance: 
1. The returns in Fixed Deposits are free of market risks and are yet higher than other safe investments. 
2. There is flexibility in terms of tenor for which you wish to lock your money, and hence no long-term commitments are mandatory. 
3.  The fixed deposits(FD) account can be opened with a minimum of 25,000 INR which is an affordable bet against the high returns. 
4. The interest rates are highest in the market, and they can be more lucrative if the account holder is a senior citizen. 
The planning of one’s income should be done in such a way that the savings also work hard along with the individual. These high returns that are yielded play a major role in fulfilling the long-term financial goals of a person. NBFCs like Bajaj Finance and other banks are offering fixed deposit accounts with high-interest rates that support people in fulfilling their long-term and short-term financial goals.