Some Of The Muslim Clothing Items That Are Worn By People From The Time Of Mughal Empire.

There are so many clothing items that are worn by Muslim people from the time of Mughal Empire. Some of the clothing items are mentioned below as follows:

1. Kaftans: This is the oldest form of dress that is used by both men and women to keep their bodies warm in winters. These are the oldest form of Muslim dress that is worn by people from the time of Mughal Empire.
      1. Kaftans are a long robe-like dress that covers the people from top to the bottom. These kaftans are usually worn in winters by the people because they are made from animals’ skin, wool, silk etc.
      2. Kaftans are heavy in weight but are most warm clothing items used by Muslim people. People can buy Dubai style abaya and kaftans from modest forever.

2. Hijabs: Hijabs are again the oldest form of dress that is used by Muslim women’s to cover their heads in front or in presence of any male member near them.
      1. Hijabs are usually square and rectangular in shape. Hijabs are folded around the neck and lie on the chest. There are numerous kinds of hijabs used by women of different types of countries.
      2. These hijabs are used by women for their own privacy also.

3. Burqa: This is again the oldest form of dress used by Muslim women. These are the type of dresses that are used by the women to cover themselves up from the top to the bottom only the hands and feet are not covered by Burqa.
      1. A burqa is the dresses usually worn by the women of Dubai. The burqa is attached with a Niqab that helps women to cover their faces also.
      2. The face veil attached with burqa has a cut-out for eyes through which women’s can see.

4. Abayas: Abayas are the long maxi type dresses used by women to cover themselves properly from top to the bottom. These dresses are worn by women while going in public areas.
      1. These dresses are usually black and grey in color. These dresses are embroidered from the sleeves and neck.
      2. Abayas do not cover the head, hands, and feet of the women. Women’s can wear a Hijab or Niqab with this dress to cover their heads. People can easily shop for Dubai style abaya online.

5. Thobe: Thobe is the long tailor fitted shirt type dresses used by men. These type of dresses are worn by men’s with a pair of pants and Pajamas.
      1. Thobe is usually worn by the Sheiks of Dubai. These dresses are known by different types of names in different parts of the world.
      2. Thobes are usually white in color. People can easily shop for modest clothing items online.

These above mentioned are the different types of clothing items used by the men and women of Muslim culture from the times of Mughal Empire.