The scarcity of water has been a huge problem for so many years and almost every country in the world suffers through the same. In this very case getting pure water has become very hard, but with Aquaguard service you can solve the problem of impure water all the time. 

However, drinking water or using water is becoming less every year, as the water level inside the earth is going down by the excessive use of it. You can be a resident of any country, but water issues will still be there. Thus, you have to know how to prevent this water crisis, if not worldwide you can try starting with your own country and place. Here we have enlisted the best ways the water crisis can be resolved. 

1. New Conservation Technology
New innovations are required to conserve more water every day. The old ones have expired and more saving of water has become impossible with the same. Thus, new technologies are needed to save water in an effective way. 

2. Educate People
To resolve the water crisis, a proper education is always needed. People must know the ways they can reserve water and the ways they can stray away from polluting water sources. This education will prove the best for the people and they will learn the ways to solve the water crisis in their continents.

3. Agriculture Process
So many countries give their best importance to agriculture system and this very thing requires an advanced water system. The agricultural systems need more innovation by which water conservation can become more effective and there will be fewer issues on the same. 

4. Recycling of Wastewater
Everyday gallons of water are used in industries and for personal use as well, and this carves the water level in a huge way. To solve this problem wastewater can be recycled and used at the same time. There are so many ways wastewater can be recycled and turned into pure water. Industries can use this recycling of wastewater process in their companies and lower the issues of the water crisis. 

5. Water Price Should be Appropriate
As the countries are suffering from water crisis, they must take note that water distribution should be equal and the prices of it have to be appropriate at the same time. If all the people of a country get safe water at different rates, there will be a huge confusion and it can always create a disturbance. Thus, to avoid any kind of disturbance regarding water even price everywhere is highly required. 

6. Population Control
Though secondary, but controlling population in a country should always give importance and this will help in a water crisis in a huge way. With the increasing rate of the population, the demand for pure water is growing drastically. To avoid the issue of water, every country should take steps towards the same always. This way there will be less demand and the very thing can come to a level. 
Check out the above-mentioned points and it will give you the knowledge of the solutions of the water crisis. These will give you an insight into the main problems and you can instantly plan your water saving agenda based on the same. 

Dandruff is a very common occurrence these days and people having excessive dry or oily scalp mainly suffers from this. Not only that, white flakes can also happen if one suffer from other skin infections and psoriasis.

There are many Ketomac products help fight dandruff and medicated shampoos are available at the drug stores when one shows a proper prescription. One can also try some home treatments to fight back dandruff problems because many times they have worked well in driving white flakes away.

This plant is a very common thing in India and people use them a lot when cooking. This fenugreek is also loaded with a lot of amino acids and protein and they are very good for hair. They are also good for removing white flakes from the scalp and at the same time making the hair smooth, strong and soft.  One needs to take 2 tablespoons of fenugreek or methi seeds as they say and then soak it in a bow full of water. Keep this soaked in water for the whole night, the next morning one needs to take out the soaked seeds and grind it properly to make a fine paste out of it. This paste has to be applied on the scalp. Once the paste is applied, it should be there for 45 minutes at least and then one can wash it away with mild water.

Green Tea
This is a great remedy for dandruff issues. One needs to have some white vinegar, green tea and peppermint essential oil to do this at home. First, you need to brew a proper cup of green tea and then mix 3 drops of peppermint oil in it. Then add a teaspoon of this white vinegar and mix it well. Keep it aside so that it can cool down.  Then wet the hair in running water and pour this liquid mixture on the scalp and through the hair strands. Keep massaging the mixture on the scalp for 5 minutes and then wash it properly with a mild and preferably sulphate free shampoo. These ingredients have antioxidants and antimicrobial properties which are good for scalp health and hair.

When it comes to dandruff treatments, then it has to be a regular shampooing with proper medical products. This actually solves two purposes. The first one is that, it can keep the hair clean and can easily cut down the scalp oil. It also attacks the yeast that majorly causes dandruff in the scalp. There are many dermatologists and when one seeks help from them they mostly recommend anti-dandruff shampoos that have selenium, salicylic acid, ketoconazole, resorcin and coal tar as the major and active ingredient there. The shampoo ketomac is a properly medicated shampoo which one can buy from a drug store and use it at a regular interval. One needs to apply this on the scalp well and massage it so that the flakes get loosened. Then wash it after five minutes to get better results.

Do you know that the ancient Egyptians were the first civilizations to invent special tools to make ropes? They used to use water reed fibers to make the ropes. Nowadays, however, there are hundreds of raw materials available to make ropes and also different types of ropes available with different features for different utilities. The combination rope is one of the most highly used ropes around the world especially used for heavy duty works.

Ropes have got numerous utilities in our daily life. Be it for household use or for industrial or even for recreational activities. With the availability of the different types of ropes makes it easier to select from the types of ropes as per the purpose. Here are a few common examples of rope usages: - 

Lifting weights: - It is specially done in industries. Special ropes are used to lift or move heavyweight materials with the help of cranes or other equipment. The double braided ropes are the most common to use for this task as they have got higher durability and are abrasion resistant.

Rigging: - Boats and yacht’s need a specialized rope for the purpose of rigging. A boat needs to stay in the water and under the sun for a very long time. Thus, for rigging, the polyester braided rope is the most common to use.

Polyester has got many different features which makes it most suitable for the purpose of rigging. They are: - 
  • Heat resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Doesn’t lose strength even if gets wet
  • Highly durable and strong

Rock Climbing: - The rock climbing ropes are made up of materials with a higher stretchable feature. Polyester can’t be used for this type of ropes as it lacks the feature of stretchiness. Rock climbing is one of the most preferred modern games and ropes are used for safety purposes.

Rescuing Jobs: - The ropes used for rescuing purposes don’t have that much of stretch like the climbing ropes. They are specially made to provide the required comfort and safety for the purpose of rescuing.

These are some of the few examples of the use of ropes. There are plenty of more important usages of ropes. Different ropes have got a different type of advantages and disadvantages and thus are preferred for specific utilities.

The double braided rope is one most popular kind of rope in the world for having higher strength and durability. It is mostly used for industrial and rigging jobs and the polyester is the most preferred material for its manufacturing.

Photography is a unique way to make a profit and make your entire living with it. If you love it you can always make it as a business and earn. Also, if you know less about photography you can always take up advanced photography classes, and this will help you polish your little knowledge to a bigger one. 

To start with photography you must know that it takes courage to reach out to places and for people who can help you rise in your passion. You have to have the love to make this desire of yours, which is photography, to reality. Once you have found a way there's nothing can stop you literally. Thus, if you love photography and thinking of the ways you can make it as a career, here we have enlisted some tips for your convenience. 

1. Photo shoots for Clients
Never say no to a client, and take up the project then and there. If you are avoiding small budget client then you are ignoring profit, although small, but it’s still money. Thus, take up the clients and do photo shoots for them. You can also try suggesting your clients about different types of photo shoots like themed ones, and who knows if they like your portfolio or gets sold by your words, you can always bag a pricy contract always. You can try out headshots, family portraits, pet photo shoots, real estate photo shoots for ads, and maternity photo shoots, and so on. 

2. Get a License Or Sell Your Photos to Stock Photography Sites
This is another way you can make your profit. There are so many sites that buy photos from the photographers and display them on their websites. You can sign up for such places and get a license to view the photos or just simply sell them. You just have to put some keywords, metadata, and a description to get approved by the stock photo sites. They will review the same and once approved, your photos can go online. 

3. Photography Blog
There are so many blogs on YouTube based on photography and the good ones get paid as well. So if you are enthusiastic enough you can start that too. If your work is good enough, you will get more subscribers and views. You can check out the affordable photography classes and know more about the same. 

4. Sell Printed Photos
You can always try out this old method of printing some photos and sell them online or in shops as well. You can offer printed photos to your existing clients and can have the same displayed in galleries and in cafes, restaurants and in other places from where it can be noticed by so many people and they can show interest as well. 

5. Freelancing
Try out freelancing for newspapers and magazines. This will put your name on good words too. Set up a rate that you will take and get on with freelancing. One thing you must know that with this you will never be out of work and profit will come. 

If you love photography then get on with it and check-out the above-mentioned points on how you can make a profit from it. 

Financial planning is something that supports people in the achievement of their financial goals on a large scale. Letting your money lie idle in the savings account is a financial hazard in the long run. It is important for an individual to consider investment options that have higher returns than the savings account to ensure wealth generation out of surplus income. Provident Funds or PFs are one of the most trusted investment options in India. This is so as they offer the account holder a long-term investment option and gives stable returns. This option is selected by the individuals mainly for planning a safe retirement and getting a regular pension. 
The biggest drawback of Public Provident Funds is that the lock-in period is extensive and the returns are lower than other investment options in the market like Fixed Deposits. You can always switch to better investment options like FDs for getting higher interest and hence accumulating more wealth. The withdrawal from Provident Fund (PF) can be made, but you have to abide by following rules: 
1. If a time period of 7 years has passed since the opening of a PPF account, you can make partial withdrawals with an upper limit of 50% of the total amount. 
2. There is no need to provide a reason for partial withdrawals once the lock-in period of 7 years is complete. 
3. You can make a partial withdrawal only once in a year. 
4. The complete closure of the account is not allowed before a period of 15 years is complete. The account can be closed before 15 years only if the account holder is dead. 
The premature closure can be made by the account holder, but there are penalties included. The penalties can be borne by an account holder if the next option that the investments are made in drives more returns. Investments in FD can prove to be a very smart decision especially when you have to generate returns on a big amount. The companies like Bajaj Finance provide fixed deposit options at lucrative interest rates and ensures that you get the highest returns in the market. The growth of money will be fast and more once the money is invested in a fixed deposit. Let us take a quick look at the benefits that you can get on corporate fixed deposits like the one offered by Bajaj Finance: 
1. The returns in Fixed Deposits are free of market risks and are yet higher than other safe investments. 
2. There is flexibility in terms of tenor for which you wish to lock your money, and hence no long-term commitments are mandatory. 
3.  The fixed deposits(FD) account can be opened with a minimum of 25,000 INR which is an affordable bet against the high returns. 
4. The interest rates are highest in the market, and they can be more lucrative if the account holder is a senior citizen. 
The planning of one’s income should be done in such a way that the savings also work hard along with the individual. These high returns that are yielded play a major role in fulfilling the long-term financial goals of a person. NBFCs like Bajaj Finance and other banks are offering fixed deposit accounts with high-interest rates that support people in fulfilling their long-term and short-term financial goals.