Are you looking for Islamic art wall hangings online? In that case, we would suggest to specifically look for modern Islamic wall art for sale. As the name implies, modern Islamic wall art involves the use of modern printing and editing technologies as well as the application of new materials in Islamic wall art.

For your convenience, we have explained a few of the popular trends in modern Islamic wall art.

1) Wall decals 

If you Google Islamic wall art, whether or not you prefix it with modern, the topmost results are generally Islamic wall decals. Indeed, wall decals, also known as wall stickers, are the most popular and visible variety of Islamic wall art at least in online markets such as Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba and Etsy.

So, what are wall decals? These are basically stickers that you can pasted directly on your wall. Made of vinyl, the decals are sticky on one side – the side that should pasted on to the surface of the wall. The exposed side of the decal is Islamic wall art – a verse from the Quran, or a narration from the Hadith, or any Islamic principle displayed in beautiful Arabic calligraphy. The advantage with decals is that they can be easily pasted or removed from the wall without damaging it by way of drilling a hole into it, as we do with frames. 

Decals are popular because they are more economical than other options, besides it’s a relatively new concept where the focus is entirely on the calligraphy in the absence of any colours – the bare wall forming the background. 

Vinyl stickers are self-adhesive as well as water-resistant. Care must be taken to wipe the surface of the wall before sticking the decal, lest dirt or oil or any other substance on the wall sticks to it. 

2) Coloured digital prints

If you like colours and frames, then maybe you would prefer digital coloured prints over wall decals. Indeed, Islamic calligraphy paintings are a beautiful option too, but they can be quite expensive too. Therefore, one can get a high-quality print of the painting. Or, as is the case these days, one can buy a digitally coloured print of handwritten calligraphy. Traditionally, calligraphers write the text in black ink. This can be digitally coloured, backgrounds and motifs can be added, etc, in order to add value to the artwork. The print material can be canvas, matte or glossy and even leather in a few cases. With the aid of computer programmes, one can add to handwritten calligraphy decorative motifs, geometric patterns, stars, crescents and borders – all of which are related with Muslim art and architecture. 

A canvas print, like a painting, has to be stretched over a wooden mount and needsno glass cover – unlike a print on paper.

3) Stainless Steel frames

One of the latest innovations in modern Islamic wall art for saleis stainless steel frames. With the help of machines, stainless steel is resized and reshaped to fit the text. What results is an elegant work of Islamic art. You would find many such metallic frames if you search for Islamic wall hanging online.

This time don’t let the month of February flee without expressing your love to your lady. If you know a girl and you are fond of her; make sure you propose her this valentine day. Certainly you cannot simply say it loud on her face. You have to make it tactful, beautiful, loving and most importantly romantic.

You can pick Valentine gifts Pakistan and make sure that you express your love to the person, who is even sitting in another area of the world, beautifully. There are plenty of gifts that can be apt for the occasion of valentine day. A few of the valentine gifts are like:

A chocolate basket 

What can be more romantic, steamy and stylish than a chocolate basket? A basket filled with variety of chocolates with different sizes and shapes. Ah, these chocolate baskets are beautiful and really scrumptious. Your beloved is going to be melted the moment she receives your present. You can pick a card or slip and make sure that it goes with the basket of chocolates. Believe it or not the chocolate basket can slate   the beginning of your love life beautifully.

A perfume set 

Perfumes are really popular in this present time of style, chic, charm and beauty. You can make sure that your people stay happy and glad.  You can give your loved ones a perfume set that is really exotic and fashionable.  Perfumes have the fragrance that spread love, life, charm and happiness. You can ensure that perfumes you give are exotic, romantic and loving. Whether the perfume set is of two perfumes or five; it would look so romantic. You can choose a specific brand if you have an idea about her choice. 

A teddy with a bouquet of flowers 

You believe it or not teddies are personal favourite of girls. You can find women crazy about beautiful teddies. You can give your beloved wife a teddy that is stylish, exotic and absolutely hip. A teddy with a bouquet of flowers will look so enchanting and loving. Your beloved is going to be impressed by your effort and move. You can pick a bouquet of flowers that are of her choice. Whether roses, lilies, tulips or any other flowers; you can have those perfect combos of teddies and bouquets to give her as a valentine gift.

A pair of mug 

It might sound random to you but it is the fact. These mugs with romantic messages can be fully charming. The other person is surely going to be enchanted by your gifted mug. The valentine gift will make sure that there are smiles, love, affection and happiness. You can pick valentine gifts Pakistan and make sure that your love is glad to receive it. The text or graphics on the mug would be absolutely captivating. Mugs would get used by her and they will trigger the thought of love and romance in her mind.

Thus whether you want to send valentine gifts Pakistan or in your local area; start planning for a perfect move! 

The activity of advertising in an overall population has been a subject of much exchange. Advertising endeavors may be profitable for buyers from the point of view of dispersal of information. Such information is fundamental when buyers need to settle on a choice from the diverse things and organizations or from the particular brands of a thing. It commonly joins the name of a thing or organization and how that thing or organization could benefit the purchaser, to impact potential customers to purchase or to eat up that explicit brand. Advertising is a kind of mass moving used when the use of immediate, individual to-individual moving is outlandish, unbelievable, or basically inefficient. Lift promotional marketing ads are helping in attracting more customer base for business.

You Can Closely Monitor Spending 
You can consume countless on a 30-second TV ad that may contact someone who might be enthused about what you have to move at some point not long from now. You can moreover consume an extensive number of dollars on web advancements, and simply pay when people who are enthused about your things tap on your ad. With cutting edge commercials, you can set a spending best and limit the events an anticipated customer sees an advancement in a given period. Lift advertisements are slanting nowadays among the makers. 

Using Elevator Advertising for Event Marketing 
With media survey rate of as high as 95 percent, lift commercials can be an unbelievable arrangement to propel your event, report a thing dispatch, deliberately pitch a thing or organization, find supporters, and welcome people to bargain bargains, among others. Associations have been continuously using lift notices for corporate stamping, event progression, check educating, and making buzz around another thing. In any case, in light of the way that you are concentrating on the connected with gathering of spectators doesn't infer that you can drive any dull and debilitating outlines on them. Like with some other advertising, try to make it interesting, else it may establish a negative connection about your picture or event. Lift advertising agency is spread around the country for product promotion.

Points of interest of Elevator Advertisement over Traditional Advertising 
Better geographic focusing on: Traditional advertising through TV, radio, and site don't offer the precision of concentrating on the gathering of spectators of a specific territory. Lift notices give you the versatility to send over your message to the overall public visiting a specific city, zone, or even a building. You can tailor your notice properly to make it progressively practical for your planned intrigue gathering. 

Repetitive focusing on: Unlike standard advertising where the utility of your advancement closes when it is heard or seen, lift notices offer dull centering with no additional costs. For example, day by day paper advertising remains no progressively accommodating after the reader is done scrutinizing the day by day paper and keeps it aside. Lift advertisings, of course, can't be discarded or slaughtered. Each time a man uses the lift, the individual is displayed to the advertisements 

The scarcity of water has been a huge problem for so many years and almost every country in the world suffers through the same. In this very case getting pure water has become very hard, but with Aquaguard service you can solve the problem of impure water all the time. 

However, drinking water or using water is becoming less every year, as the water level inside the earth is going down by the excessive use of it. You can be a resident of any country, but water issues will still be there. Thus, you have to know how to prevent this water crisis, if not worldwide you can try starting with your own country and place. Here we have enlisted the best ways the water crisis can be resolved. 

1. New Conservation Technology
New innovations are required to conserve more water every day. The old ones have expired and more saving of water has become impossible with the same. Thus, new technologies are needed to save water in an effective way. 

2. Educate People
To resolve the water crisis, a proper education is always needed. People must know the ways they can reserve water and the ways they can stray away from polluting water sources. This education will prove the best for the people and they will learn the ways to solve the water crisis in their continents.

3. Agriculture Process
So many countries give their best importance to agriculture system and this very thing requires an advanced water system. The agricultural systems need more innovation by which water conservation can become more effective and there will be fewer issues on the same. 

4. Recycling of Wastewater
Everyday gallons of water are used in industries and for personal use as well, and this carves the water level in a huge way. To solve this problem wastewater can be recycled and used at the same time. There are so many ways wastewater can be recycled and turned into pure water. Industries can use this recycling of wastewater process in their companies and lower the issues of the water crisis. 

5. Water Price Should be Appropriate
As the countries are suffering from water crisis, they must take note that water distribution should be equal and the prices of it have to be appropriate at the same time. If all the people of a country get safe water at different rates, there will be a huge confusion and it can always create a disturbance. Thus, to avoid any kind of disturbance regarding water even price everywhere is highly required. 

6. Population Control
Though secondary, but controlling population in a country should always give importance and this will help in a water crisis in a huge way. With the increasing rate of the population, the demand for pure water is growing drastically. To avoid the issue of water, every country should take steps towards the same always. This way there will be less demand and the very thing can come to a level. 
Check out the above-mentioned points and it will give you the knowledge of the solutions of the water crisis. These will give you an insight into the main problems and you can instantly plan your water saving agenda based on the same. 

Dandruff is a very common occurrence these days and people having excessive dry or oily scalp mainly suffers from this. Not only that, white flakes can also happen if one suffer from other skin infections and psoriasis.

There are many Ketomac products help fight dandruff and medicated shampoos are available at the drug stores when one shows a proper prescription. One can also try some home treatments to fight back dandruff problems because many times they have worked well in driving white flakes away.

This plant is a very common thing in India and people use them a lot when cooking. This fenugreek is also loaded with a lot of amino acids and protein and they are very good for hair. They are also good for removing white flakes from the scalp and at the same time making the hair smooth, strong and soft.  One needs to take 2 tablespoons of fenugreek or methi seeds as they say and then soak it in a bow full of water. Keep this soaked in water for the whole night, the next morning one needs to take out the soaked seeds and grind it properly to make a fine paste out of it. This paste has to be applied on the scalp. Once the paste is applied, it should be there for 45 minutes at least and then one can wash it away with mild water.

Green Tea
This is a great remedy for dandruff issues. One needs to have some white vinegar, green tea and peppermint essential oil to do this at home. First, you need to brew a proper cup of green tea and then mix 3 drops of peppermint oil in it. Then add a teaspoon of this white vinegar and mix it well. Keep it aside so that it can cool down.  Then wet the hair in running water and pour this liquid mixture on the scalp and through the hair strands. Keep massaging the mixture on the scalp for 5 minutes and then wash it properly with a mild and preferably sulphate free shampoo. These ingredients have antioxidants and antimicrobial properties which are good for scalp health and hair.

When it comes to dandruff treatments, then it has to be a regular shampooing with proper medical products. This actually solves two purposes. The first one is that, it can keep the hair clean and can easily cut down the scalp oil. It also attacks the yeast that majorly causes dandruff in the scalp. There are many dermatologists and when one seeks help from them they mostly recommend anti-dandruff shampoos that have selenium, salicylic acid, ketoconazole, resorcin and coal tar as the major and active ingredient there. The shampoo ketomac is a properly medicated shampoo which one can buy from a drug store and use it at a regular interval. One needs to apply this on the scalp well and massage it so that the flakes get loosened. Then wash it after five minutes to get better results.