How Good Is Temporary Employment For Company Owners?

With the mounting tension between the USA and Canada trade talks, the leaders of the industry across the border have to have a solid foundation to manage to give due support to the inter-connected chain of supply.  Temporary employment, as well as a flexible labor market, is more than necessary for this foundation.

On Media andthe Truth

Of late, it seems to become a fashion for some of the ideologically-empowered media to attack the system of temporary employment. As they put it, some entrepreneurs tend to mis-utilize the ‘opportunity’ to slash down on the safety standards and hygiene of their temporarily hired staffs. However, a number of CEOs of various premier institutions, as well as start-ups maintain that such misinterpretations are far from the truth. Responsible employers are more than serious overtaking the task of delivering the safest and the healthiest workplace for their human resources. Their concern remains same regardless of the fact whether the staff are hired on a part-time basis, or temporarily or on a full-time basis. In fact, companies like Fiera Foods vouch that they have learnt the lessons the harder way. The CEO of the company maintains that they have been especially careful after the team experienced a tragic and fatal loss in 2016. Also, instead of simply scapegoating temp labors, it gives a clear advantage to the Made-in-Canada enthusiasts. This goes a long way to make it in the very competitive world of international contracts.

An Example

The process of temporary labor force gives the flexibility to manage uneven demands efficiently. It makes a big difference in the world where wages are relatively high and low margins. It provides an edge to the smaller manufacturers. Especially, it gives the business owners to double or triple their workers only during the peak season, or when the demands are high.


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