What Types of Medicines You Will Use for Various Kinds Of Sickness During Pregnancy?

If you are sick in your pregnancy period, you become scary to take medicines which may affect your baby’s development in your womb. Most of the pregnancy patients are feared to ingest something which can cause a negative impact on your baby’s growth or birth defects. Here is given information about the pregnancymedicine for pain and other health issues during your pregnancy.

Medicine for pain
You can reduce your muscle pain and acute headaches using cold compress during pregnancy. But, if you want to get additional relief, you may take acetaminophen which involves Tylenol as an ingredient actively according to your doctor’s recommendation. You can take the other kinds of pain relievers like ibuprofen and naproxen which will help you to reduce the levels of the amniotic fluid in the period of the third trimester during your pregnancy. Sometimes, it is suggested that aspirin and NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) medications can increase the chances of birth defects and risk for miscarriage in your early pregnancy period.

Medicine for constipation
Sometimes, the secretion of progesterone hormone in your pregnancy will slow down your bowel movement regularly. You can take laxatives and stool softeners to make your bowel movement regularly. You can also take more amounts of fruits, fluids, and vegetables for the regular bowel movement. If your problem is not solved following these things, you can take more fiber laxative like Metamucil and Fiberall.

Medicine for indigestion
Secretion of progesterone hormone during your pregnancy can affect your smooth muscle cells which cause heartburn. Heartburn causes due to the relaxation of the sphincter between your esophagus and stomach which helps to come the acid. Before taking any medicine you can try to reduce your indigestion issues following some ways like taking smaller amounts of foods frequently, avoid spicy and fried foods and sleeping on an inclined bed. If your indigestion problems persist, you can take Prilosec or other medicine prescribed by your doctor.

Medicines for infections
It has been suggested that you can use the medicines of the penicillin group which will not cause any kind of birth defects of your baby to reduce your infections issues during the pregnancy period. Antibiotics of Doxycycline and Tetracycline families can cause discoloration of your baby’s teeth after the period of four months of your pregnancy. These types of medicines affect the calcification procedure of your baby’s teeth. You can take other medicines which your doctor will prescribe for your infections issues during pregnancy.

Medicine for a cough and cold
A cough and cold problems are very common issues during pregnancy. It is the safest way to avoid any kind of medicine for your cough and cold problems during pregnancy. You can take rest, drink warm liquids and use a nasal spray to reduce your cough and cold problems. If you want to take any medicine for your cough and cold problems, it will be better to take the advice of your doctor to get relief from a cough and cold using medicine.

All of this information will help to get the proper guideline for taking medicine for different issues including pregnancy pain medicine.